Top 10 mistakes not to make with essential oils, beware danger

We all make mistakes, whether it’s with our hair dryer, our kettle or our water. It’s part of life and as Einstein said, “you have to make balls to get back on a horse”, or something like that. However, we still want to give you tips to avoid making some stupid mistakes in your life. Not that you are limited huh, but just, you do your best what. So here’s what not to do with your essential oils.

1. Apply pure essential oil directly to her skin

Unfortunate, at what time did you think that applying essential oil directly to your pustules would allow you to see them clear off in 5 minutes watch in hand? While some oils can be applied very sparingly and cautiously to the skin, others are dermocaustic and will directly burn the skin, such as essential oil of thyme, peppermint, clove, savory, bark of cinnamon or oregano. Always dilute your essential oil with a carrier oil like coconut oil, olive oil, or sweet almond oil. And we do not forget to wash the patounes after each use. If you use essential oils orally, you can dilute them with sugar, honey or even bread. It sucks me in advance.

2. Not asking professionals before using it

Essential oils are very powerful because they are very concentrated (not in the sense that they are focused on their math homework, eh). To produce a millilitre, you sometimes need a kilo of plants, which is enormous and can have consequences for your health if you are allergic or if you misuse essential oils, since some are contraindicated for certain pathologies. . So no more than 2 to 3 drops per day. And we seek advice from pro oil before buying. Especially when you know that they do not all have the same effects. For example, the essential oil of globular eucalyptus helps treat coughs or bronchitis, while that of lemon eucalyptus is anti-inflammatory. In short, we are careful not to take nimp.

3. Confusing aromatherapy and homeopathy

While doing my research, I even learned that there was a war of clans between homeopaths and aromatherapists, nah but it’s crazy, worse than the Hells Angels. Aromatherapy consists of using aromatic compounds extracted from plants for medical purposes, while homeopathy seeks to treat with “similar” to allow the body to heal itself. Nothing to see what.

4. Exposing yourself to the sun after using essential oils

You especially want to die if you do that. Some essential oils, even just a few drops, are photosensitizing because they contain furocoumarins. They will therefore damage your skin if you expose them to the sun’s rays. Thus, the essential oil of grapefruit, bitter orange or bergamot can cause you spots if you do a tanning session in Cap d’Agde at 2 p.m.

5. Take rotten quality oils

As we’ve been saying for a while now, essential oils can be really dangerous (well, they won’t hit you with a 9mm, but still). It is therefore necessary to take quality essential oils to be sure to limit the breakage. So remember to always take oils that are 100% pure, 100% natural, 100% integral and chemotyped (i.e. you must be able to read your identity card containing, among other things, your common name, your botanical Latin name, your geographical origin, its method of obtaining and the part of the plant used). If you can also take it organic, then there is the chives on the Atlantic salmon. You can also use certain labels to choose them, such as the HEBBD (for botanically and biochemically defined essential oil).

6. Do not be careful with their conservation

Already, you must imagine that you shouldn’t leave all this lying around within the reach of your children, your dogs (and I’m not talking about your exes) or any other living species capable of ingesting them. To keep your bottles in top shape, close them properly and place them away from light. Choose vials with tinted glass if possible to avoid altering the compounds. Store them separately, especially not next to products that you could confuse such as eye drops for example. Because it would burn a tad the cornea. Keep citrus essential oils in the fridge for two to three years to retain all the benefits. If the spice essential oils do not expire (unlike the 5 years indicated on the packaging), check that the smell has not changed. Wood essential oils last up to four years.

7. Use any essential oil during pregnancy

The concentration of essential oils can be dangerous for the health of pregnant women, it is not recommended to take baths or massage with essential oils when expecting a child. Some oils also contain ketones that can cause seizures, such as cedar, wormwood or peppermint oil. They are therefore to be avoided both in children under 6 and in future mothers. And watch out, I’m watching you.

8. Use water in case of an accident

Contrary to what one might think, essential oils cannot be diluted with water because like any oil, they do not match too much with it. Also, if inadvertently, one day, you do not care lemon essential oil in the retina, do not try to rinse your eye with water. Use vegetable oils instead. Even the rapeseed oil from your kitchen drawer can do the trick.

9. Put any essential oil in a diffuser (especially if you have a cat)

Some essential oils are strongly discouraged for asthmatics (those big boobs) because of the volatility of the molecules which constitutes a danger for them. The essential oils of turmeric, dill and sweet fennel, for example, are prohibited for diffusion, while the essential oils of basil, Roman chamomile and peppermint are to be diffused diluted. In addition, cats are very sensitive to essential oils because their body is not made to eliminate certain toxins contained in plants. So they can get very sick, which is why it is better to use with them hyrdosols, diluted essential oils without alcohol. And we totally forget, among other things, with cat, the essential oils of pine, mandarin, almond or even clove.

10. Take a shot with it

Unless you want to leave behind a beautiful legacy, we strongly advise against this move. If by misadventure, a little too dry, you swallow essential oils, do not try to make yourself vomit and once again have the vegetable oil reflex which will save you unlike water. You can also try vegetable charcoal. And don’t forget to call the local poison control center anyway, they’ll be able to guide you better than your drunk friends.

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