Top 10 mistakes not to make with condoms (if you want them to work)

As much, making mistakes with power strips is not very serious (at worst you just risk setting fire to your home). Might as well make mistakes with condoms, it can be very serious. And we’re going to find out right away.

1. Keep it after ejaculation

After having sex, we are sometimes too lazy to throw away this piece of plastic filled with dignity with a musky substance and chill with mucous membranes still very close. This is a mistake simply because fluids can escape from the condom and end up in contact with your partner. Suddenly, it’s a bit as if it was useless to have put condoms during all the sex part and that, it really fucks the female dog.

As for the very strange people who keep their condom on for several months after their last sexual intercourse, know that not only do I respect them, but in addition I don’t see why I should take it off when it keeps my penis super warm.

Topito texte sexe

2. Put on shitty condoms

Come on, it’s good there, don’t mess around with the condoms. Unless you fuck 5 times a day, it’s still an affordable budget and we advise you to avoid the sub-brand if you want to avoid very annoying plastic cracks in the middle of sexual intercourse.

3. Not wearing condoms

Guys, the condom is until proven otherwise the best way to fight against the transmission of STIs. So it doesn’t matter whether you’re in a relationship or not, whether you’re planning sex or not, whether you’re on your period or not, whether you’ve had SIF waxed or not, it’s never useless to have a condom tucked in her bag. If you don’t use it, you can always help someone out or do a waterbomb as a last resort to compensate for your sexual frustration.

4. Or fire him too soon

There are people with a little stupor (let’s put the terms) who see their condom before the end of the sexual intercourse. Like when? Don’t do that damn it, don’t play dumb.

5. Wear condoms that don’t fit

No need to fight against the actual size of your penis. Wearing condoms that are too small or too big will not only make intercourse unpleasant but above all risky.

6. Even for blowjobs, a condom is recommended.

Certainly, there is no risk of getting pregnant by indulging in the art of little-pi, but STIs are just as transmissible orally, so there is a need to protect yourself, even for foreplay.

7. Keep condoms in your wallet

You should not store your condoms just anywhere. At the top of the list of places that should be avoided the most: the wallet, the pocket. And it’s a bit silly because it is indeed where we keep them the most. In a wallet, the condom’s packaging can become damaged (it goes without saying that perforated packaging is unacceptable) and in the pocket, the effectiveness of the condom can be affected by body heat. But condoms are like good bottles of pinard, they must be kept away from light, heat and humidity.

8. Put on two condoms

It may sound crazy, but there are people who have these kind of weird reflexes. If you’re one of those weird oddballs, know that you’re wrong. Unless you have two cocks, it is useless to put on two condoms.

9. Not checking the expiration date

Condoms are not like chocolate. You have to be really careful with the expiry date, because beyond that, the hood can crack. Too crisp in fact.

10. Do not use lubricant


It is quite normal to use lubricant, especially when you put on condoms. Just don’t be stupid by putting lubricant inside the condom, which is useless. In short, fuel for life lubricant.

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