Top 10 mistakes not to make when brushing your teeth

Now that you no longer make mistakes with your toothbrushes, it’s time to use it correctly. Way not to fuck all your efforts. Yes, we even make mistakes while brushing our teeth (although basically, it doesn’t seem like a very technical thing). Come on, let those who love impeccable oral hygiene follow me!

1. Brush the wrong way

If you brush your teeth horizontally (from left to right): stop. Quick. This technique does not allow you to properly reach the corners where dental plaque proliferates in addition to damaging your gums. So prefer vertical or rotary movements!

2. Rubbing too hard

Yes, you mean well and you put your whole soul into brushing your teeth way too forcefully. Spoiler: brushing your teeth is not a contest of strength. Destroying your mouth won’t earn you any points. We calm down, we relax the bulb and we go more smoothly, so as not to destroy the gums and tooth enamel.

3. Open your mouth too wide

So yes, opening your mouth to insert the toothbrush is inevitable. On the other hand, once you start brushing, close it as much as possible (without disrespecting yourself). The more your mouth is closed, the more the muscles around the lips will be relaxed and the better you will brush your gums.

To really take care of your teeth, many gestures are to be permanently banned from our brushing!

Posted by BIBA on Sunday, June 6, 2021

4. Brushing your teeth too quickly

Just as brushing your teeth is not a contest of strength, neither is it a race of speed. You have to give the toothpaste time to work and take the time to thoroughly clean all areas of your teeth. Did you know that in France, the average toothbrushing time is 43 to 57 seconds instead of 2 minutes? Strip of old filth from the mouth.

5. Or conversely, too long

We can never repeat it enough: the best is the enemy of the good! We said two minutes, not 15. This is the recommended brushing time by the French Union of Oral Health. Fond memories of our first tooth brushings with our crush. You too, was it a kind of contest, like “I wouldn’t spit in preums, otherwise he/she will take me for a big filth”? If you forgot, believe me, your gums remember!

6. Brushing your teeth more than 3 times a day

Along the same lines as brushing too long, brushing too often is not a good idea either! 3 brushings a day is ideal. Beyond that, it could create gum problems and ruin your enamel. That’s not the goal, huh.

7. Not brushing your tongue

We say “brush your teeth”, but in reality, it is the entire oral cavity that must be cleaned. Language understood. This will reduce the load of bacteria in your mouth, and reduce your bad breath. Once again, the idea is not to make a scrub by rubbing like crazy. You pass your brush gently, very soft. That’s it. Calms you.

8. Always start from the same place

Yes, well, we quibble. But we’re doing this for you, so stop worshiping yourself. It’s just that if you always start brushing in the same place, you risk cleaning the rest of your mouth less well, especially at the end of brushing. The ideal is to alternate from one brushing to another. Preums incisors in the morning, left molars in the afternoon then right molars in the evening, for example.

9. Brush your teeth directly after meals

It’s tempting, but in reality, you have to be patient and wait at least 30 minutes. Why ? When we eat, the bacteria on the surface of the teeth produce an acid that temporarily softens the enamel. It is therefore preferable to wait for the PH of the mouth to stabilize before moving on to brushing.

Note that it’s exactly the same after a little coffee or an energy drink.

10. Rinse your mouth out at the end

I know I know. It’s so much more pleasant, and yet… Gargling at the end of brushing is counterproductive. In this way, you eliminate the active ingredients present in the toothpaste (like fluoride) and cancel their protective actions. We will therefore be content to spit out the excess toothpaste.

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