Top 10 Likely Explanations Behind Name Modes

Hi Jade, hi Léo, hi Louise, hi all the people who have the same first name as the whole world (well, the whole of France). But basically, why are so many of us with this or that first name? We wanted to investigate this vast subject by offering you possible explanations. I say “possible” because they come straight out of my non-historian and non-specialist but really nice brain.

1. Emma

In the 80s, the first name Emma did not exceed 150 annual births. In the 90s, it climbs it climbs we turn more around 500 to reach 5500 in 1999. Difficult to establish an explanation during this period but we can however explain the peak of attributions of the first name in the years 2005 to the small Emma from Rachel and Ross in Friends. Yes, it’s ugly, but it’s often the series that have the most influence on first name trends.

Top 10 emma2

2. Jade

It was in 2008/2009 that this first name experienced an extraordinary peak in popularity (around 5,500 births with this first name). How to explain such a success?

Two hypotheses:

– People confused with the first name Jeanne (very old who especially knew fame at the beginning of the 20th century) but pronounced with a cold nose. Pollen allergies going well, it was more logical to transform the first name Jeanne into Jade.

– Mortal Kombat fans wanted to pay tribute to the character of Jade, an ultra distinguished girl.

3. Louise

I don’t want to say, but when I was young it was clearly an old woman’s name. And now for a few years, this name has experienced a return of hype totally out of nowhere, especially from 2012 to 2016 with an average of 5000 births per year. Why ? How ? When ?

Listen I have only one explanation: Louise Bourgoin (whose real first name is not even) is Miss Weather on the big newspaper from 2006 to 2008. The time it takes, I think that her passage TV yet short has influenced a generation of first names.

We can also see a tribute to Louise Michel but hahaha MDR no I don’t think that’s a mess.

4. Brendon and Brenda

It goes without saying that the fashion first names of Anglo-American origin are above all found in the most popular families. But more precisely if we have to look for an external influence of these first names, especially in the 90s, I would only have one word to prompt you: Beverly Hills.

OK that’s two words but check out the names of the main characters: Dyllan, Brendon, Brenda, Kelly, Donna. Then don’t be surprised.

5. Kevin

Believe it or not, there was no Kevin in the cast of Beverly Hills, so it’s not in this series that you have to find a cause for the dissemination of this unpopular name among people of the human type ( besides, it’s ugly to see how the Kevins still suffer from heavy stigmata at the moment, but at the same time what a rotten first name). Imagine that the probable cause is rather nestled in a Christmas movie that you all know: Mom I missed the plane. Little Kevin McCallister has been emulated by causing a wave of absolutely dramatic Kevin births in our area.

Sp bulle kevin 1

6. Gabriel

Nearly 5,000 births in 2021. One year after Gabriel Attal was appointed Secretary of State… Coincidence? Coincidences? Hypothesis totally out of my ass? Your turn to judge.

7. Lou

In the same way that Riad Sattouf Esther’s comic book series will undoubtedly lead to an estherizing wave in France, the popularity of the first name Lou probably owes its success in part to Julien Neel’s youth comic book series which marked an entire generation. .

8. Leo

The Lion King ? Leonardo Di Caprio? It seems to me that all avenues should be explored even if none of them seems really valid. You thought you had answers in this top? Well no.

9. Romy

2450 births in 2020. Can we say that it comes from Romy Schneider or rather from the influencer Romy? No desire to answer this question as the answer seems depressing to me.

10. Alba

Would this come from the series The Ladies of the Telephone late 2010s? I’m asking the question. But in fact, Alba is undoubtedly one of the first names influenced by series (it’s always better than Thierry because of Thierry la Fronde).

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