Top 10 jobs that have been sexualized for nothing, it’s really not sexy

There are plenty of professions that have been sexualized by cinema and porn for no reason. We all got used to the idea when in truth, these jobs are not sexy and are even often difficult and downright boring. But how could these pictures have remained so long?

1. Lifeguard

In the movies: You run on the beach in a tight bathing suit, you dive to save people from drowning and shark bites and all the tourists are madly in love with you.

In truth : You walk in the fleet in tap dance, you get pissed off on your far too high chair and you shout “we don’t run aaaas” thirty times a day.

Baywatch alerte au navetm463991

2. Stewardess

In the movies: You twirl your blond hair, you narrowly escape hijackings and you go before everyone else at security checks.

In truth : You have to check your outfit every hour, make big forced smiles and offer tomato juice when no one is drinking tomato juice.

Catch me plane

3. Spy

In the movies: You get drunk on Vodka Martini, you survive explosions every other day and you sleep with anyone.

In truth : We don’t really know, but there’s certainly less ass and guns and a lot more stress and paperwork.

Spectre kiss jamesbond

4. Nurse

In the movies: You’re either the bad guy in the story, or the good-for-nothing hottie who spends your time getting injections in stilettos.

In truth : You wear Crocs, you work 48 hours a week and you want to break everything because the broken ECG still hasn’t been replaced.

Kill bill nurse

5. Lawyer

In the movies: You drink whiskey in a very big office and seduce everyone with bombastic speeches.

In truth : You read hundreds of thousands of pages, each more boring than the next, and you go back and forth to court far too often.

Mike harvey

6. Waitress

In the movies: You get picked up by big heavyweights and you find it super cute.

In truth : You get picked up by heavyweights and you want to bust their brains out on the sidewalk with a baseball bat.

Riverdale waitress

7. Archaeologist

In the movies: You explore Mayan temples, pyramids and buried cities every four days.

In truth : You dust pebbles with a brush hoping that this pebble is rarer than the previous 600.

Indiana jones et le temple maudit retro spielberg 5f3bfff6589bb 0

8. Teacher

In the movies: You become a sexual predator by sleeping without complex with a 15 year old child and all the other students are in love with you.

In truth : You spend hours trying to get your sleeping students’ printers, overhead projectors, and brains to work.

Blackmail worthy affair

9. Fireman

In the movies: You risk your life every day in fires and you walk around shirtless for no particular reason.

In truth : You collect teenagers who have drunk too much and you wake up at 3 a.m. in a barracks with your colleagues who are snoring.

Magic mike

10. Barman

In the movies: You whisper sweet nothings in customers’ ears, you mix cocktails with big, stylish gestures and you end the evening on the dance floor.

In truth : You scream instead of talking so that we can hear you, you serve cheap beers and you end the evening mopping the floor.

Bartender atypical

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