Top 10 inventions that are not at all in tune with the times

In a world that is burning because of humans who are bad at ecology, cool inventions are those that correspond to values ​​that have become essential. Values ​​such as sustainable and renewable. In short, green stuff that does not lead to overconsumption. In any case, if our objective is to make the species survive and not to smash all the animals on the planet, that is rather what we should be aiming for. But today we continue to rush towards inventions that do not go in this direction at all, like big dicks. Do we like hurting each other or what?

1. The plane that will make Paris-San Francisco in 1 hour

This is the new thing we are talking about in recent days: a company is developing a plane that could fly at more than 10,000 km / h and connect the largest cities in the world in less than an hour. It’s not as if at the moment we were trying to make the whole Earth understand that we had to fly less because it polluted a lot. With an invention like that, we are going to encourage people to get on board for everything and nothing. Well played guys.

2. The Metaverse

Do we need a virtual world in which we will reproduce all the inequalities that already exist within our society? No. Will it consume a lot of energy because it will take an astronomical amount of servers to store all this? Yes. Is this a shitty invention? Obviously. The metaverse is death.

With new equipment dedicated to virtual reality, a future metaverse would prove to be an additional source of pollution. At the expense of the real world.

Posted by The cross on Sunday, November 21, 2021

3. New smartphone models every year

Ok it’s cool to have better cameras in our phones over time, but we’re getting to a point where we don’t really need to renew each year. Only that, the builders, they don’t care because they basically want one thing: big money. And too bad if we throw away hundreds of millions of laptops every year with batteries that won’t even be recycled.

4. Cashierless supermarkets

In the midst of generalized inflation, the idea of ​​throwing even more people out of work by replacing them with robots still has very bad taste. The ideal future was one where robots worked for us and enriched everyone. There, those who will touch the money will be only a few. You will see that we will miss our cashiers.

5. La fast fashion

Ok, we are not on a super recent invention, but fast fashion sites are more and more aggressive in their pace and their economic model. Basically, they produce loads of new models of (low-end) clothes every day, thus mobilizing immense resources, when we frankly don’t need to renew our wardrobe as often. Frankly, it’s an ecological disaster, but that doesn’t stop influencers from selling them to us as something super cool. In the figurehead: Shein, the worst brand of humanity.

6. Excessive streaming

It’s stupid, because we all like it, streaming, and absolutely no one wants it to stop. But it’s a fact: it pollutes phew. All that remains is to find solutions if we want to continue to spend the weekend in front of Netflix without feeling guilty.

7. Sexbots with Artificial Intelligence

Let’s put the ethical issue of sleeping with “smart” robots aside for now (yeah, it’s not easy, but that’s not the point). It doesn’t smell good at all in terms of the green: sex robots are going to be obsolete very quickly, with new, more advanced models coming out every year. Models that will most likely use lithium batteries and other very low-recyclability materials. We’re going to add even more pollution, all that for ken with machines.

8. The electric car

Despite its super green image, the electric car still has a disgusting ecological and ethical impact since it uses polluting batteries that are difficult to recycle. Batteries that require child labor in cobalt and lithium mines in sub-Saharan Africa. Not the kind of thing you want to condone, after all.

9. All high tech releases, in general

Apart from when we put technology at the service of ecology or care, current inventions tend to be gadgets that smash the environment. Because honestly, we don’t really need new inventions every three days. We already have everything we need to live peacefully, it’s just that we always want more. Yes, we know, it’s boring to read this kind of moralizing truths.

10. This invention from hell

The train was already invented 200 years ago in fact. No need for this terrifying stuff.

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