Top 10 Illustrated Differences Between Wine Lovers and Connoisseurs

1. His vocabulary

Amateur: when he tastes a wine, he tries to talk about it but he has no vocabulary: “It’s good, eh, it’s light, and a little fruity too…”

Connoisseur: when he tastes a wine, he comes out with words that we have never heard before such as: “It is fleshy, the tannins have a lot of character, we are on a good wine for laying down.”

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2. His personal cellar

Amateur: has only one wine that he likes at home, on the bottle we can read: “wine for everything”

Connoisseur: a lot of bottles at home, we can read “wine for aperitif”, “wine for white fish”, “wine for game”, “wine for red meat” etc.

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3. His choices at the restaurant

Amateur: at the restaurant, he asks the waiter: “What would you recommend?” hoping that he will recommend a cheap wine

Connoisseur: at the restaurant, he explains to the waiter that his wines are not suited to his menu.

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4. The colors of wine

Amateur: Red or white or rosé, the character can even say “ah yes, rosé is a mixture of white and red, right? »

Connoisseur: Red or white or rosé or yellow or orange or blue

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5. Tasting

Amateur: the character tries to taste good but drools and does not care everywhere.

Connoisseur: the character grinds the wine and produces rather confusing sounds by retro-olfaction.

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6. Aerate the wine

Amateur: the character has uncorked the bottle.

Connoisseur: the character decanters his wine in an elaborate container with an integrated thermometer so that the wine is served at the right temperature.

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7. His way of doing tourism

Amateur: he moves to a nice city on the weekend and takes the opportunity to drink local wine (a character in a restaurant who asks the waiter for local wine).

Connoisseur: he practices wine tourism and only travels to wine regions to do new tastings (character on the road to a castle in the middle of the vines).

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8. The length of the wine

Amateur: character tasting the wine “Mh it stays in the mouth for a long time, isn’t it rather astringent? »

Connoisseur: He counts in caudalies (character tasting and saying “1 caudalie, 2 caudalies, 3 caudalies…”)

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9. A real tasting

Amateur: the character is quickly bam since he swallows everything he is given to taste.

Connoisseur: The character spits everything out into a spittoon with dignity.

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10. The bottle he brings home

Amateur: a wine for less than 10 bucks picked up randomly at the supermarket

Connoisseur: a small nugget of Pineau d’Aunis sparkling wine unearthed during a tasting

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