Top 10 Honest Server Life Infographics

We all know someone who is or was a waiter. If we don’t know it, it’s because it’s us! No matter how much we complain (because we’re French and we love it), it’s still a very nice job, which brings a lot of cool stuff, such as stress management, repartee or human contact. On the other hand, it is far from being a simple task! The life of the waiters is a special thing, which you will not be able to understand if we do not draw you a picture. So… Bah… We made you some drawings!

1. The sleep cycle

Ecran 1

2. Monday Excitement

Ecran 3

3. The mood when summer arrives

Ecran 2

4. Things that make you lose your temper

Ecran 5

5. Tips

Ecran 4

6. Ton dressing

Ecran 6

7. The notion of “full-time contract”

Ecran 8

8. The smells that disgust you the most after a service

Ecran 7

9. Physical activity

Ecran 9

10. Working hours

Ecran 10

We do not forget ladies and gentlemen, we are polite, kind and pleasant with the waiter or the waitress in front of you! First, because that’s how life really works. Then, because he may well have a trick or two up his sleeve to get revenge discreetly…

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