Top 10 funny tweets on podcasts, the favorite radio of bobos and start-ups

In life, to relax, you can have sex, watch Koh-Lanta, read a top Topito or now listen to a good podcast. For several years, this new form of audiovisual has been booming, to the delight of the inhabitants of the 11th arrondissement of Paris. Ok, we plead guilty, we also made podcasts. Still, it’s a cool way to cultivate without having to listen to the radio. Here are a few tweets to convince you that the podcast hype is justified.

1. Now please generalize for the good of the population

2. Guilty

3. Millennials: Have a deep conversation with friends. Also millennials: “We should start a podcast”

4. Cheh

5. Hop there, here is your doctorate

7. “7 year old: do you do a podcast? / Me: do you even know what a podcast is? / 7 year old: It’s the thing where you talk to yourself yourself and where no one is listening to you” – She knows exactly what a podcast is.

8. That’s going to vote Nupes in the legislative elections

9. Claire DEspagne, we’re talking to you

10. “The only podcast I listen to are the voices in my head”

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