Top 10 funny tweets on Alexa, the Amazon thing that does what you tell it there

If we look at human evolution, we can see that we have not done too badly so far on certain points (like the conservation of food for example or the cure of smallpox). But there are still things that we have trouble doing on our own, like playing music or closing our shutters, which is why today we need intelligent voice assistants such as Siri or Alexa to do these difficult tasks for us. Alexa, read aloud the best tops of my career Topitesque stp.

1. *stress drops beading on forehead*

2. Me: Alexa, play a joke! / Alexa: You’re definitely going to finish your home renovation project this week

3. Pov’ little Claudie what

4. Pretty clear I think


6. A jump a replay

8. Alexmiaou

9. Today I learned that Alexa responds “Okay okay” to voice command and now I feel a little bad

Alexa, write my tops for me.

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