Top 10 former football players who deserve to be better known

We always talk about the same ones over and over again, Zidane, Ronaldo, Platini, well it’s deserved, but there are also a few others that we always tend to forget. Like unloved children whose birthdays we forget, yet these former players deserve a little more recognition, and that’s very sad. To restore some justice to this world, we’re going to highlight a few forgotten players.

1. Robinho

Robinho was a Brazilian star, and everyone who is a little interested in football knows him at least by name, but we don’t necessarily know his achievements and achievements.

During his debut at Santos he was nicknamed “the new Pelé” as the Brazilians had hope in his talent. Like many great footballers, he then evolved in these young years, at the age of 20, at Real Madrid, and the Spanish press even titled: “And God created Robihno”, except that it is perhaps important to remember it but Robinho is not Jesus (yes I swear to you). He was decisive in matches, displaying his talent in front of crazy fans and everyone recognized his talent. Nevertheless, when we think of the great Brazilian talents, we rarely think of him, why?

Quite simply because in 2008, he signed with Manchester City, and could not adapt to the English club. Robinho loses himself, disappoints and ends his career on a really average note for a player of his level. A real mess, that’s unfortunately what we remember about him, rather than his phenomenal start to his career.

2. Laurent Poou

Laurent Pokou is an Ivorian player from the 60s/70s who was nevertheless twice the top scorer of the African Cup of Nations (in 1968 and 1970). Ok maybe it’s not your era, but does that justify that we often forget it when we talk about the best African players? No.

It was also he who held the old record for the number of goals scored during an edition of CAN (14), which was beaten by Eto’o only in 2008 (it took a long time).

Often forgotten for his successor Didier Drogba, Laurent Pokou is one of those football legends who are rarely recognized at their fair value. Sorry Lolo…

3. Adriano

Adriano was a little messed up clubbing before training sessions, which often isn’t highly recommended, yet the Brazilian was incredibly talented and was often compared to the legend Ronaldo. elsewhere Inter Milan in 2004, after Ronaldo left with the aim of replacing him.

At Inter his journey will be a bit of a rollercoaster, and that’s why we prefer to “forget” this player and his immense talent. Too bad we don’t remember that he won a Copa America in 2004, a Confederations Cup in 2005 (a competition that no longer exists today) and that he was also world champion under 17 years old in 1997. Are we really going to blame him for having put on a little too much vodka-redbull and forgetting his fine career?

4. Hulk

Well already know that Hulk is a nickname, the guy was not really called like that (I specify, you never know). his rather atypical career. He left Brazil early enough to go to Japan, where he proved himself (but it’s weird to leave Brazil to go to Japan when you play football, it’s true) and he was then recruited by FC Porto.

It is with this team that he will stand out: several times winner of the Portuguese championship, he is also top scorer and best player in the championship during the 2011 and 2012 seasons. He won a Europa League with FC Porto in 2011, and after all these great performances, he is eagerly awaited for the 2014 World Cup.

The rest, you know it, Brazil finished 4th in this edition, losing miserably against Germany in the semi-finals. Even if the Hulk has a somewhat bizarre career, it must be recognized that he tended to be underrated: in 2011, when he distinguished himself with FC Porto and won the Europa League, he was not retained in the Brazilian selection to play the Copa America.

His strike force is his greatest quality and yet Hulk quietly ends his career in Brazil in the greatest indifference (without any exaggeration).

5. Mario Gómez

The Bayern Munich striker has a very fine track record, it’s undeniable, however he is not really recognized at his fair value. Of German and Spanish descent, Gomez won two German Cups and a Champions League with Bayern. Holder of the German selection, he was also a finalist for the Euro in 2008.

At Bayern, Gomez remains a respected striker, especially during the years 2010 to 2012 when he upsets everyone by scoring 93 goals in 114 games. Unfortunately, the following season was less successful in terms of goalscoring, and he transferred to Fiorentina in 2013.

Gomez is injured in the process, and from 2015, he will never find his level before, that’s why we don’t really hear about him anymore. Yes, we also find it quite cruel.

6. Few

José María Gutiérrez Hernández, whom everyone calls Guti, mainly played for Real Madrid during the Galacticos. A little in the shadow of his teammates, we don’t necessarily remember him when his style of play was incredible. Guti was a complete player who essentially played as a midfielder. With Real, he won the Spanish championship 5 times and the Champions League three times, not disgusting it must be said.

He is an emblematic player in the Spanish selection, with 13 selections, and he was also the second captain behind Raul at Real in the time of the Galacticos. In short, despite all these distinctions, well we don’t care a bit about Guti and we don’t talk too much about him, look, did you know who you were before reading this top?

7. Coach

Jay-Jay Okocha, Nigerian international footballer, won the African Cup of Nations with his team in 1994 and was voted best player of this edition. He participated twice in the round of 16 of the World Cup with his Nigerian team.

He is an emblematic player from Nigeria who deserves to be shed a little more light on his fine career, but who is not very well known in Europe.

8. Yoann Gourcuff

We don’t talk much about him anymore, because Gourcuff is considered by many as a wasted talent (which is not totally false).

He was expected as Zidane’s successor, well after Zizou there is only one. Since 2019 Gourcuff no longer has any club, yet he had impressed the French at the Girondins, with whom he had achieved the League Cup and championship double.

Here, a wasted talent gone into oblivion, in particular because of numerous injuries (the crusaders, you know yourself).

9. Sebastien Frey

Sébastien Frey was a precocious talent, at 17 he was already a goalkeeper in Ligue 1 with AS Cannes. It was at Hellas Verona that he really showed his talent, he impressed with his energy and all eyes were on him. Unfortunately, he was injured quite seriously in 2006, which put a stop to his career. Following this, Domenech will only select him twice, really marking the end of his career.

Today no one remembers him, when he started really well, and he has incredible talent. What did he become ? Apparently, he would have become a tobacconist in a small town in 46.

10. Uribe

Who here knows Uribe? Only the real ones can answer. Julio César Uribe, Peruvian player was one of the greatest players of his time (yes really). In 1981, he was even named the 3rd greatest South American player after Maradona and Zico.

He is the real inventor of the comma, or the elatsico, a technical gesture taken up and popularized by Ronaldinho. Uribe has almost always played in South America, that’s why he is not very well known in Europe and Peru not being a leading country in football in South America, he has never won a major title with his team. But individually, he was an exceptional player (he already inspired Ronaldinho, we told you ouèch) who deserves much more recognition.

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