Top 10 foods that are different depending on the country

Unlike the culinary specialties of the world completely unknown to foreigners, there are products that we all know, everywhere on earth. However, from one country to another, they are not always identical! It’s a bit like the story of the toilet water going the other way in Australia: it’s almost like ours, but it’s not the same. Same same, different goal. Like we say.

1. The color of the Froots Loops, in Canada VS in the USA

Okay it’s not the craziest difference on the planet, but it has the merit of existing! In Canada, the colors are duller than in the States. That’s it that’s all.

2. Portion size of fries in McDonalds, UK VS Japan

99g in the UK, compared to 135g in Japan. That was enough to convince me that Japan is really cool!

Topito rp frites

3. The appearance of Fanta orange, USA VS UK

The color difference is quite obvious. Otherwise, a little culture point Gé: did you know that in addition to being stuffed with sugar, this drink actually comes from Nazi Germany? According Slate, German bottling companies were deprived of Coca-Cola syrup during World War II. Max Keith, brand manager in Germany, but also a Nazi character who celebrated Hitler’s 50th birthday with joy, decided to develop an alternative. He then mixed a whole bunch of slightly deg stuff to arrive at the famous orange drink. The name “Fanta” is actually inspired by the German word “Fantasie” (= “fantasy”, “imagination”). I’m on my ass.

4. Breakfast, different from one country to another

Baked beans, sausages, bacon, and eggs across the Channel; rice, miso soup and vegetables in Japan, or even bread, butter, jam and coffee in France: breakfast changes drastically from one country to another. And when you know all that a breakfast means to yourself, believe me that it is better to settle for a bowl of very sweet cereals…

Slider france vs royaume uni petit dej

5. Burgers, Philippines VS rest of the world

Filipinos have classic burgers (bun, meat or veggie patty, cheese, raw vegetables and sauce), but not only! There, you can also order burgers where bread is replaced by… rice cakes. It’s so dreamy, but why not.

6. Bread, Europe VS rest of the world

So take the test. Go on a trip outside Europe, and go buy some “bread”. You will probably come back with a package of slices of industrial sandwich bread and cry tears of blood. Courage.

Shopping mosaique reactions reste pain

7. Coffee, Sweden VS rest of the world

So be careful, don’t misunderstand: each country really makes its coffee differently. If you order one in France without specifying anything, you will be served an espresso. In Italy, it will be a strong coffee, and in Turkey, a boiled coffee. On the other hand, there are some countries that break the codes a little more! In Sweden, you can find coffee with… Cheese. Yes yes. Small squares of cheese that float in your drink. This is called a “kaffeost”. Yum.

8. Hot chocolate, Colombia VS rest of the world

To stay on topic: in Colombia, it is in hot chocolate that we like to dip small pieces of cheese. I don’t know about you, but personally… It doesn’t make me dream too much. To taste, all you have to do is order a “Chocolate Santafereño”.

9. Pies, USA VS France

Order a pie in the USA, and you’ll get what we call a “pie” in France. In short, the idea is the same: dough and fruit (for the sweet version). The real difference is that the American version is covered with another layer of paste, as if to hide the interior. In the Middle Ages, in this same type of product, little jokers in the kitchen had fun hiding live frogs or birds. Holy valve.

10. Crêpes, different all over the world

Pancakes in the USA, Mahjouba in Algeria, Baghrir in Morocco, Crumpets in the United Kingdom, Breton pancakes in Brittany… The “crepes” follow one another and are not alike! The advantage is that they are all particularly good. Yum yum yum!

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