Top 10 flower etymologies, you won’t look at poppies the same way again

They are beautiful, they smell good and yet we don’t know anything about them… no, I’m not talking about my colleagues, but about flowers, these fragile and delicate little living beings that deserve a little more attention. . So I found you ten origins of flower names that are totally wacky and even sometimes really bluffing.

1. Orchids = Testicles

Yes, orchids have very protruding roots that look like… balls, in Greek “orchidion”!

2. Dandelion = Pissing in bed

It’s true that when you think about it it seems obvious but I had never made the connection. The reason is very simple: dandelion has diuretic properties and therefore increases the production of urine.

3. Tulipe = Turban

Their very special little head reminded our ancestors of turbans, in Greek “tülbent” which gave tulipa then tulipan to finally stop on the tulip that we know.

4. Myosotis = Mouse Ears

mouse ear, muosótís in ancient Greek, because supposedly the leaves look like it. We let you judge.

5. Peony = Heals and heals

Peony is THE essential medicinal plant if you like to treat yourself by eating grass: the Greeks, Romans, Chinese, all used it to cure many different ailments. Hence its name.

6. Honeysuckle = you find yourself

We’re not going to tell you everything either, but basically it seems that goats love to eat honeysuckle leaves, which fits its name really well, sometimes I’m not right. While we’re at it, daisies come out at Easter and sunflowers turn to follow the sun.

7. Lily of the valley = musky

Everything comes from the musk nut which in old French was called “nois muguede” and whose smell is similar to that of the lily of the valley flower. Go smell some nutmeg when you get home tonight and you’ll see if we’re lying.

8. Chamomile = Potato

Yes then there the link is less obvious at first sight but it would seem that it comes from the ancient Greek kamaímêlon (“potato”) because of the heady smell of the flower. Incredible isn’t it? I hit my head on the ground so it’s phew.

9. Poppy = Cocorico

The red flower is so similar to the rooster’s comb that it was named after its cry. Moreover in 1545 in France one said a Coquelicoq. DAMN THE WORDS STOP BEING SO CRAZY.

10. Lavender = Toilet, washing

Used to make a perfumed eau de toilette, this flower found its name in Italian lavendertoilet, washing, and she kept it.

If that doesn’t make you want to roll around in the grass, laughing softly, I don’t know what to do for you.

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