Top 10 first appearances of famous French actors, the first steps of stars

It’s always moving to see where your favorite star began his career, a rotten role in a sitcom, two seconds of figuration in a shitty movie, the ass double of another actor in a nude scene… In short, everyone eats their black bread before knowing the glory in the cinema and we invite you to see some unusual examples of first appearances of famous people.

1. Julie Gayet – First Kisses

Before being for a time the first lady of France, Julie Gayet was an actress in the incredible Sitcom of AB Production “First Kisses”. Some agree that was his best role, no idea if that’s true since I’ve never seen any of his films. Unless she’s playing in Predator 2 I’ve seen it before, but I doubt it.

2. Gérard Lanvin – The wing or the thigh

He is young, he is fresh, he already has his memorable face and his nonchalant air which made him one of the favorite actors of the French, the Gégé, the Lanlan, on the bill alongside Coluche and De Funès in a absolutely cult film.

Picture credits: Wing or thigh

3. Guillaume Canet – First Kisses

He too started in this shitty series straight out of the hell of TV from another era, with a fresh face, a celestial complexion and a playful smile. Look at this excerpt, it’s all rotten, but it’s still a great appearance by Guillaume Canet in a perfectly credible setting.

4. Alexandra Lamy – In many sitcoms

It was not a small role like that, Alexandra Lamy played in several sitcoms of the time and it is probably what placed her at the top of the choices to be cast in “Chouchou et Loulou”, the thing where boys have a blue background and girls have a pink background.

5. Alice Taglioni – Helen and the boys

A cult series (no), a cult actress (I really don’t know), a television episode that has remained in the annals (no, really, I’m just talking shit). In short, look how young the Taglioni is, you’ve probably never seen her like that.

Alice taglioni dans helene les garcons
Picture credits: AB Productions

6. Edouard Baer – Court

It’s another sitcom that nobody knows about but on the other hand we love him a lot. Look at this sympathetic and touching little face of a young first, he plays a fickle husband and already we know that he will become someone important in the French landscape.


7. Fabrice Lucchini – Anything can happen

He is very young, very fresh, very nice, it is obviously Fabrice Lucchini who seems to be twelve years old and who sucks his thumb in this passage of film which I have never heard of. However, on the cinema culture side, I normally touch my ball a little.

8. Kad Merad – The madman’s run

Before making the whole of France laugh in numerous box office hits or on the set of The big show, Kad Merad played a tiny rotten role in this strange film which I can’t tell you much about since I’ve never seen it. Really I’m starting to question my culture in fact, especially since my bedside film is “Godzilla” (Roland Emmerich’s of course).

9. Thierry Lhermitte – Year 01

He looks like a handsome hippie kid who still looks top of the class, it was his very first role on screen and he was already thrilling my daronne: the great and incomparable Thierry Lhermitte in black and white (c was the fashionable color at the time).

Picture credits: L’an 01

10. Johnny Halliday – The Devils

He looks young and that’s normal since he’s twelve years old, you’ve never seen him like that I imagine, unless you’ve seen this movie which is very cool by the way. The owner at twelve years old he already had a pretty little variety singer face, I can tell you.

Picture credits: Devilish

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