Top 10 fates of people on famous album covers

Music is not just music. She mouths a corner of this intro, huh? Well, what I mean is that the music, well, it’s also visuals, and you don’t make a great album without a great cover (not in terms of size, but of artistic force). That’s what leads us today to have album covers that popularize places and faces of people we don’t even know. Well today, I’m talking to you about these strangers whose heads have been displayed everywhere to tell you about their lives.

1. The baby from Nirvana’s Nevermind album filed a complaint for commercial exploitation of child pornography

A naked baby on an album cover, you have to admit, it’s a bit daring. This is what Spencer Elden, the first concerned, said to himself, since it is about him in the photo. No one obviously asked his opinion when he was 4 months old, so the guy explained 30 years later that he felt taken advantage of and wanted damages. Spencer, who became a model as an adult, sued former Nirvana members and others involved for $130,000, but the judge dismissed her suit. Must say that the guy probably wanted above all to make easy money, but at the same time we can understand it: when the album on which your kiki appears has sold 30 million, you want to bite a little too .

2. The child soldier on U2’s album covers is Bono’s best friend’s little brother.

The U2 singer picked up pal Derek Rowen’s little brother Peter Rowen to feature on the album Boy and on the group’s first Best-Of. Fine, but what happened to little Peter all of a sudden? Well, you have to believe that he liked photo shoots, since he himself became a photographer. And apparently, he still loves Bono and his friends since he has already gone to photograph them in concert. The circle is complete.

3. The Buddhist monk from the album Rage Against The Machine actually set himself on fire

The album cover Rage Against The Machine of the band of the same name is probably the most violent in the history of music. It represents a monk burning, something that could be taken for a clever trick, but it is not. Because yes, this is a real photo of Buddhist monk Thich Quang Duc who set himself on fire in 1963 to protest the oppression of Buddhists in Vietnam. It’s a horrible scene, but we must admit that it fits well with the revolutionary style of RATM.

4. The sexy nurse from Blink 182’s Enema Of The State album isn’t a real nurse

Well, that, you suspected a little, but know that in reality Janine Lindemulder is a porn actress who has mainly shot lesbian scenes. Her life seems to have been quite rocky – in a bad way – as Janine was arrested in 2003 for hitting her partner Jesse G. James who later dated…Sandra Bullock. Yeah, it’s all nonsense, but at least you know more about the nurse who made a lot of teenagers fantasize in 1999.

5. The street artists on the cover of Strange Days by The Doors are not real street artists

Jim Morrison refusing to be on the cover of his albums, he preferred to find other subjects, and street artists were chosen for Strange Days. But, in reality, only the two acrobats in the background are real circus artists. The juggler is the photographer’s assistant, which was a bummer because he couldn’t juggle and kept dropping his balls. The dwarf didn’t want to appear alone because his contract required him to always be in the presence of his twin brother (who will eventually end up in the Aquarius of the cover). The weightlifter was a club bouncer whom the photographer had met by chance. And, the best for last: the trumpeter was a taxi driver hired on the fly for $5 to pretend to play. Apparently, the photo was a mess to make, but in the end we believe in it, and that’s the main thing.

6. The child in the Placebo album (from Placebo) had a hard time using his photo

In 1996, the album Placebo was a hit, and we were very happy, but it didn’t make David Fox happy, the child in the red sweater on the cover, because it was his cousin, a photographer, who had leaked his photo without his consent to the rock band. According to David, the child he was took very badly from the popularity of this album since his classmates made fun of him, which would have forced him to stop school at 12 years old. Then the guy became a cook but found himself unemployed due to the crisis. In 2012, he made a name for himself by announcing that he was going to attack the Placebo group, which created a small Streisand effect since everyone started to re-share the said photo. After that, no more news. Guess he’s given up on his attempt to make easy money.

7. The woman on the cover of Breakfast in America was an actress who appeared in Diamonds on Couch

Let’s be honest, Kate Murtagh, who was an actress, didn’t have a huge career. His highest achievement is to have played in Diamonds on Couch, great film in which she was unfortunately not credited. At the same time, the tall lady of 1m85 formed a singing trio with her two sisters, but there too the success was not there. Well, at least Kate will have appeared on the cover of a very good album, and when she died at 96, she surely thought about it, telling herself that she had done well in her life.

8. The girl on the Deftones album Around The Fur…exists

I’m not going to lie to you, there’s not much interesting to say about Lisa Hughes, model in this photo. The woman, now in her forties, works in the field of health. There were rumors for a while that Lisa never agreed to be on the album cover, but she repeatedly denied it. There you go. Good, well good continuation Lisa.

9. Izia’s So Much Trouble Album Snake Escaped

This 3-year-old python named Gaspardo took advantage of the photo shoot to escape from the studio in which the shoot was taking place before heading to a kindergarten in Seine-Saint-Denis and swallowing 2 high school students. He was shot after several days of beating, a punishment that seems quite appropriate. Izia, in shock, reportedly said: “I didn’t know Gaspardo very well, but he seemed completely professional to me. For a snake, anyway. »

10. The 4 guys who walk the zebra crossing on the Abbey Road cover have become billionaires

The cover ofAbbey Road by the Beatles is one of the most cult covers in the world, but did you know that the 4 men on the pedestrian crossing are very well known today? They are (from left to right) Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs (RIP), and Nagui. Very few people know it, but my little finger tells me that now the info will spread all over the web…

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