Top 10 fates of Disney Channel stars, our early idols

If the 2000s experienced terrible passages (like strings that protrude and t-shirts with rhinestones), it was also the era that saw the emergence of super stars. I am of course talking about the Disney Channel actors who have entertained us for decades, at least, with series all more amazing than the other. But then, one day, they disappeared and since then, we cry all the tears in our body at least once a week. To prevent us all from drowning, I decided to investigate. So here is the result of months of research on the destinies of our first loves.

1. Cole and Dylan Sprouse from The Cruising Life of Zack and Cody

Cole Sprouse (who played Cody) starred in a few movies, TV movies and TV series after his big role in Cruise Life by Zack and Cody. But in 2011, he put his career on hold to devote himself to his studies in the humanities and archeology. In 2016, he returned to the screens as Jughead in the Netflix series Riverdale, which he still plays today. Besides that, Cole Sprouse does a lot of photos and has even been able to photograph Kendall Jenner for the Sunday Times Style magazine.

His brother, Dylan Sprouse, also quit cinema to study video game design. He resumed his career with the film Dismissed in 2017. Along with running a brewery in Brooklyn, he has gone on to star in several movies. He notably played the role of Trevor in the saga After and played a few characters in video games.

2. Demi Lovato de Sonny

How long are the days when Demi Lovato played Sonny Munroe in Sonny with a chance. Today, the star has continued his singing career, although he has made a few appearances in films, series and television shows. Unfortunately, Demi Lovato has not had a super easy career: between her albums and her jury work on the X-Factors show, she has made many round trips to psychiatric hospitals and rehab centers for problems of addiction to different drugs, which they talk about in different documentaries. They also overdosed in 2018 which almost killed her. Today, they continue to engage in many associations to prevent mental health problems. On the music side, his eighth album HOLY FVCK is scheduled for August 2022.

3. Selena Gomez, Jake T. Austin and David Henrie of Wizards of Weverly Place

The Russo siblings have evolved well. After the end of Wizards of Weverly Place in 2012, Selena Gomez (Alex Russo) chained the first and second roles in many film productions (including Mabel Mora in the series Only Murders in the Building since 2021) and has released 4 solo albums (including Revelación, an EP entirely in Spanish), having broken up with her group Selena Gomez and The Scene in 2012. She has also lived through very difficult times based on anxiety, depression and panic attack related to his autoimmune disease, lupus, which earned him a kidney transplant. Alongside her musical career, Selena Gomez has also embarked on production and has also produced the series 13 Reasons Why on Netflix.

Jake T. Austin, or Max Russo, pursued a career in cinema with less success. His last role dates back to 2018, in the film The Valley. Two years earlier, in 2016, he had participated in the show Danse avec les stars, but had been eliminated after the second bonus (oupsi).

As for David Henrie, who played Justin Russo, he also continued in the cinema by playing, for example, Ronald Reagan as a child in the film Reagan. He has also produced and directed works, but also written series episodes. Class

4. Philippe Rouault of Art Attack

Our favorite presenter (who we miss every day) continued to work in audiovisual. Since 2000, he has been associate director of Kino, where he produces and directs films as well as commercials and series. Well, now he’s bald.

5. Shia LaBoeuf, Christy Carlson Romano and Nick Spano from The Stevens’ War

I’m clearly not going to redo the whole career of Shia LeBeouf (or should I say Louis Stevens) because I’m lazy, but just remember that the guy is dead in filmography. Between Dumb et Dumber (the series sucks eh not the cult film), I Robot et Transformersthe guy can clearly fart.

Ren Stevens actor Christy Carlson Romano had less success than his colleague but still had a few roles in film and television productions. Today, she hosts two podcasts, my faith very interesting.

As for Nick Soprano (aka Donnie Stevens), after playing in series like Seven at Home, Cold Case, Monk et NCIS, and having co-hosted the game show Peer Pressure, he gave up his career to become a sports coach. Alongside this work, he also gives acting lessons from time to time. The hand on the heart.

6. Martina Stoessel of Violetta

The Violetta lead actress, whose stage name is now Tini, has released three albums since the series ended and is currently working on a fourth. She also played herself in many series. In 2018, she was a member of the jury of The Voice Argentina, then in 2019, of the show Pequenos Gigantes. Since 2021, the actress has been on tour for her TINI Tour.

7. Bella Thorne et Zendaya de Shake It Up

No need to explain to you the current fame of Zendaya, which has broken through since Rocky Blue. After participating in Dancing with the Stars, released an album and starred in the Agent KC series, Zendaya landed big roles, including in Spiderman No Way Home and Euphoria (where she still plays Rue). And then let’s not forget that she is currently dating Tom Holland, which is a very good performance.

Bella Thorne (CeCe Jones) has held the lead role in many horror films as well as the series Famous in Love, after Shake It Up. She has also produced and directed a few works and released an album in 2019. Bella Thorne has also written four books. But her latest rise to fame was not very positive: after posting a short film on Porn-Hub in 2019, she signed up for OnlyFans in 2020, promising her subscribers photos of her naked without ever publish and therefore defrauded his fans of several million euros with this scam. Not very classy.

8. Hilary Duff and Jake Thomas by Lizzie McGuire

If you tell me that Lizzie McGuire was not your favorite cartoon, I cry scandal. After the success of the series, Hilary Duff became a real idol and continued to play in many productions like Gossip Girls or the recent How I Met Your Father. She also launched her career in the music industry and released 5 albums, including her last in 2015. Since then, she has put a lot of projects on hold to devote herself to her family.

The interpreter of Lizzie McGuire’s little brother, Jake Thomas, played in productions until 2014, such as Criminal minds et Dr House. Today, he is more focused on directing and photography, even if he will nevertheless participate in the reboot of the series. Cory in the House.

9. Miley Cyrus, Mitchel Musso et Emily Osment d’Hannah Montana

As you can imagine, Miley Cyrus has mainly pursued her career in song (Wrecking Ball, should tell you something), even if she has also played a few roles on the side (notably in LOL USA). Since the start of her career, Miley Cyrus has released 7 albums, the last of which, titled Plastic Hearts, was released in 2020. Clean.

For his part, Mitchel Musso, actor of Oliver Oken, played in a few productions but it is super focused on the music. He nevertheless played in the Pair of Kings series.

As for the actress of Lily Truscott, Hannah Montana’s best friend, Emily Osment played in a few films until 2016 but mainly continued in the television series where she is still evolving. We could notably see her in the role of Theresa in The Kominsky Method.

10. Debby Ryan in Jessie

After his little tour in Cruise Life of Zack and Cody but especially her first role in Jessie, Debby Ryan produced some works, played in some films but especially in several series. She was notably at the head of the Netflix series Insatiable between 2018 and 2019. Not his biggest hit, but hey.

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