Top 10 fake connections found in cult cartoons

False connections, in the cinema, there are heaps of them! In movies, sagas (cc Harry Potter), series (Xoxo Gossip Girl) and of course… in cartoons! So no, we’re not going to reveal them all to you, we’ll let you spot them yourself (in truth, we’re just too lazy to give you a top 300, you know). But we still made a small selection for you in the cult cartoons, the ones we all watched without capturing anything. We are a hell of a bunch of boloss, I tell you, me!

1. Aladdin, the false connection on Jasmine

During their first meeting, Aladdin and Jasmine jump from roof to roof (not trivial). When they are in the air: Jasmine’s head is completely uncovered. A few seconds later, close-up on the character who is then veiled.


2. The Lion King, paws that dry way too quickly

Aka the Disney we’ve all seen dozens of times. So, of course, we know all the songs by heart! On the other hand, we had never paid attention to the fact that during “I Just Can’t Wait to Be a King”, Nala first has her paws in the water, then rests on the shore, DRY, in the following shot . Isn’t there something a little weird here? I’ll let you check for yourself, at 1 minute 39.

3. Beauty and the Beast, the color-changing book

And the little snag comes from “Hello”, that is to say… the opening number! We see Belle carrying a book to the library. When she holds it in her hands (at 55 seconds), it is red. Once arrived, the same book, placed in its basket, turned purple (1 minute 32). Two explanations: it’s a magic book that really changes color, or the directors made a little mistake.

4. Shrek, and little problems left and right

The intro scene is legendary. A true masterpiece, coupled with an incredible song, which we will never get tired of. On the other hand, there is a very small detail which has certainly never caught your attention, but… At 1 minute 22, the panel on which Shrek paints seems a little damaged on the left (the right seen from behind). 10 seconds later, when the panel is filmed from the front, the missing part is… on the right. A small problem of projection in space, perhaps?

5. Despicable me and misjudged distances

Since we’re talking about projection in space… At the start of the animated film, the 3 young girls return to the orphanage, after a first abortive attempt at adoption by Gru. The moment is so sad and our vision is so blurred by tears that we don’t pay attention to all the details… On the wide shot, the adhesive mark on the floor seems really (very) far from the office (21 seconds). When the shot is close, this line seems to be only a few centimeters from the piece of furniture (42 seconds). Either there’s something about perspective that we don’t master, or we’ve had it!

6. Sleeping Beauty and the Changing Tiara

It is during THE cult scene of this cartoon, itself ultra cult, that a rather venerable false connection is to be noted! When Aurore puts her finger on the cursed needle, her tiara is raw, devoid of stones. As it falls to the ground (literally 5 seconds later, in short), this same crown is adorned with jewels.


7. Nemo and the color changing fish

Alright, yes. There, we nitpick, but hey… When Nemo prepares for his first day of school, he arrives in a “playground” full of life. Two fish (one orange, pink with blue stripes and one turquoise with yellow stripes) are bullying a poor Hermit Crab, playing with its shell. In the scene that follows, the two fish have suddenly changed color and the shell of the crustacean has disappeared. Here’s a funny mystery…


8. Alice in Wonderland, and the Chameleon Caterpillar

In this scene, Alice encounters a completely stoned caterpillar with a hookah in her mouth, singing and making vowel-shaped clouds of smoke. Not trivial. Besides the fact that this character clearly consumes illegal stuff and that we hadn’t caught that at all when we were children, there is also a rather venerable mismatch on the color of the character. The caterpillar is represented as follows: dark blue legs and light blue belly. However, on a sequence, the two colors are reversed… One of the side effects of smoking, maybe?

Chenille alice

9. Monstre & Cie, the agent that doubles

In the last part of the film, Bob and Sully come face to face with Germaine, the really inconvenient old slimy slug. Alongside the two protagonists, two agents, including the 00112. With Germaine, many agents, including… The 00112. Simultaneously. Only guy capable of making the valve “go see if I’m there” really plausible. Style.

Montre et cie

10. Pocahontas, the double flag mismatch

In the first image, the flag proudly displayed by Governor Ratcliffe presents a first problem: it is completely anachronistic. The Union Jack as it appears (and as we know it) dates from 1801. Before that, the diagonal red lines (representing the cross of St Patrick) did not exist. However, the story of Pocahontas takes place long before, in the 1600s. And obviously, the directors realized this along the way… Later in the film, the same character holds the British flag in his hand. Big difference: this time, it conforms to its 17th century version.


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