Top 10 errors in the selection of 23 + 3 Deschamps, ay it’s over it’s dead

We have… finally, the French team will therefore have won almost everything under the era of Didier Deschamps, this serial winning coach. But this World Cup will be one too many competitions for someone who has been there for 10 years. And his selection of 23, or 26, we don’t really know, is proof of that.

1. He did not take Kanté

And even injured Kanté we take it, rinafoute. We ask for an exemption for crutches and we make him play. It will always be better than Rabiot.

2. He selected Benzema

So yes, the guy is Ballon d’Or and walked on water last season. Yes, it’s true. But that was last season. Let’s face it: he’s hurt the Karim. We are therefore going to witness a remake of the Zidane Gate in 2002 when everything revolved around Zizou’s thigh.

3. He announced his list with his new teeth

And since he had his snags redone, the results have plummeted (we’re still not going to count a poor victory in the League of Nations). Samson drew his Herculean strength from his opulent hair, Didier Deschamps from his micro teeth. We prefer the current press conferences, but we palm. CQFD

4. He didn’t take Cantona either

We yelled for the 98 World Cup when Aimé Jacquet forgot Eric The King. We have since decided to yell for the same reason at each selection announcement. Yes it is a tribute.

5. He weakened Giroud

By warning everyone that even if he took it he wouldn’t play, and that his status as a “player of the past” would be a disadvantage. Result the second scorer of the blues will not put one foot in front of the other.

6. He took Rabiot

Who will even surely hold with all the absences in the middle. The same guy who refused to be a substitute 4 years ago. And the same guy who had mentioned “the cold” and “the fear of getting hurt” in blue on a match night in Bulgaria. We are badly off. And if Adrien’s mother reads these words, so do we.

7. He took Mbappé

Who is certainly one of the best players in the world. But who gives the impression little by little of transforming into a Rican football player obsessed with his own stats and his future golden ball. If we add to that, the problems with the federation, the bad agreement with Giroud, we can always say “yes the group lives well”, but we know that it will not be the case.

Foot mosaique mbappe vitesse

8. Il n’a pas pris Erling Haaland!

While the Norwegian will never play big competition because he is… Norwegian. And that the Norwegians are especially good at curling and killing dolphins. So a small express naturalization of the Manchester City giant who panics the counters would not have been too much. Unless we prefer Nkunku.

9. He announced it on TF1 as a big sucker

So 2000. If Deschamps was still in the game, he would have announced his list on Tik Tok by doing a challenge and a sketch with Khaby Lame. You’re from another time Didier, accept it

10. He didn’t ask Topito for help with his roster

And if there are many people who are good on the list, it’s us, for 15 years even. But that, calling on the experts and asking for help, is obviously too much for Didier. It’s stupid we were hot. Don’t cry after if it doesn’t work.

In short, it’s badly crossed *.

* Attention, a bogus point has slipped into this top, will you be able to recognize it?

And if you want to know more about this strange sporting activity that is football, I recommend this book. It’s a bit like the Bible but football version:

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