Top 10 eco-friendly things you’d love to do, but frankly it’s too boring

We would all like to move towards a greener way of life. In principle we are OK. We understood that it was shit and that the planet was warming up at high speed. Despite these anxiety-provoking but very real considerations into which the scientific community plunges us in each IPCC report, we unfortunately continue to be lazy do some stuff. We don’t judge you, we are the same. It’s one of our ecological paradoxes.

1. Cloth diapers

Why should we do it? In France alone, around 3.5 billion diapers are thrown into the trash every year, I don’t know if you see the mess, but that’s a hell of a lot of poop and especially waste that is difficult to treat.

Why is it too boring to do it? OK it’s very good to opt for washable diapers but frankly what a load… when you already have to change your diaper eight times a day, the number of daily washes quickly exceeds understanding. So here we are, we excuse the young parents on this file. Too bad for diapers anyway we know that having a child is not green.

What can we do instead? sew the dirty diapers to make an atypical dress for Lady Gaga during her next public appearance. More seriously, you can buy organic nappies like Les petits Culottés or Joone instead.

2. Dry toilets

Why should we do it? a flush is more or less 6 to 9 liters of water that goes into oblivion. With dry toilets you no longer consume a drop of water. It is also much more hygienic.

Why is it too boring to do it? first of all because in an apartment it’s really much more complicated as a concept. And in general because it requires a bit of organization (like emptying the content every 4 or 5 days).

What can we do instead? don’t flush the toilet every time (it seems dirty but when you pee 8 times an hour because you drink 12 liters of tea, it’s no big deal, if you get devil’s diarrhea you can deviate to the rule) and naturally piss in the shower. You can also place a brick (or a filled bottle) in the flush, the space it will take will limit the consumption of water used.

3. Fuck on an Amap

Why should we do it? to support local producers, to consume organic, short circuit and seasonal products.

Why is it too boring to do it? because the Amaps are based on a subscription system (not very high that said, we get by for 15 to 20th the weekly basket for 4 people) and every week you get back your basket whose content has not been chosen which can be frustrating.

What can we do instead? less committed and more expensive, you can opt for still commendable alternatives like La Ruche qui dit oui, or small local (and often organic) markets like Au bout du champ.

4. Compost when you don’t have a garden

Why should we do it? because with all the fruits and vegetables we cook (yes because I hope you cook on your own like a grown-up and that you don’t succumb to the abomination of ready-made meals), we get a lot of ‘peelings. By composting these, we help to improve the microbiological quality of the soil.

Why is it too boring to do it? I’m not proud of my personal experience but I once tried to keep my organic waste in a bucket before throwing it in the compost bin in the square 5 minutes from my house… Except that I waited 3 months to empty my bucket (instead of doing it every week), and after that time it looked like Jurassic crap. The failure was total.

What can we do instead? make chips with your potato peelings. Yes it’s possible.

5. Do not turn on the heater in winter

Why should we do it? heating is one of the sectors that holds the biggest. And of course I’m talking about the biggest carbon footprint. Blame it on heating methods that are not always green, and on the poor insulation of housing.

Why is it too boring to do it? we do not like to peel the rush.

What can we do instead? put on big sweaters frankly it’s going to have to stop making your fragile, we don’t need to live constantly at 25° of ambient temperature all year round WSH.

Carbon footprint: 70% of CO2 emissions come from transport, heating and food >

Posted by Liberation on Tuesday, October 26, 2021

6. Refuse a trip to Tahiti so as not to fly

Why should we do it? to stay below the 2°C mark of global warming by 2100 (spoiler: it’s badly crossed) we should limit our carbon footprint to 2 tons per year per person (for EVERYTHING: heating, food, transport, housing work). And it’s funny because doing a round trip Paris/New York is exactly 2 tonnes of carbon equivalent. In short, you will have understood it, the plane is poop.

Why is it too boring to do it? it’s the holidays, the weather is nice, your best friend lives on the other side of the world. You don’t even have to pay for the ticket, he’s the one who invites you. RAAAAAAAAAAH TORTUUUUURE.

What can we do instead? make local friends from short circuits. Good and if not, manage to take the train (fingers crossed that night trains become hype again one day).

7. Stop streaming movies or series

Why should we do it? digital pollution is all the more dramatic because it is not perceived at all. To give you an idea, know that all of the video-on-demand services emit as much from a country like Chile (we told you about it in the ecological consequences of the web).

Why is it too boring to do it? because you want to sign our social death warrant? How do we do if we can’t watch the last season of Stranger Things?? OK it’s not crazy, but we’re still not going to do like everyone else, damn it?

What can we do instead? it sounds stupid but if you don’t already watch videos in HD you reduce your carbon footprint quite a bit. FYI, a film viewed in HD on Netflix for example will have almost the same carbon footprint as the production of a DVD.

8. Sort your emails

Why should we do it? in France, we each store an average of 10,000 to 50,000 useless emails. We also send a lot of useless emails (remember that sending an email to a single person consumes as much as a light bulb for 24 hours).

Why is it too boring to do it? it’s a bit of a stupid gesture that no one wants to do because pff boring and pff useless and then if you have to start unsubscribing from the 800 newsletters that rot your mailbox every day, you haven’t left from the hostel.

What can we do instead? Automatically delete all emails you receive without opening them. It will be a time saver for everyone.

9. Not having kids

Why should we do it? because we are rather a bit much on the planet after a while and it is rather on the Western side that the creation of a child costs a lot for the planet (more than a child who is born in Bangladesh by example).

Why is it too boring to do it? paskeu cé tro mignon gouzi gouzi drooled everywhere and when he tries to walk he falls the jester. In short, you will have understood that the process of having a child is very personal and does not necessarily respond to reason. And maybe so much the better.

What can we do instead? produce a 100% plant-based child.

10. Quit smoking

Why should we do it? I don’t know if you’re aware, but smoking is not at all good for your health, on the one hand, but it’s not good for the environment either (a cigarette butt takes about 12 years to degrade) .

Why is it too boring to do it? because nicotine tchu conné, it’s not nou ki decides.

What can we do instead? sniff exhaust pipes.

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