Top 10 dumbest people of the week, episode 169

Hello Hello ! Welcome to the teubés of the week. Get ready for a good batch of idiots, morons, jerks and other ignoramuses. You have the right to laugh but don’t forget to take a little IQ test to find out if you too deserve to be part of this incredible selection. With that, I leave you, I have to go and discover America by chance while looking for a new route to reach India. Bye.

1. I give him all my money

“Hi, I’m Queen Elizabeth, I’m not dead, Charles sent me to a desert island so he could become king. I don’t have access to my royal money so please send me $300 on Lydia so I can get back to the UK. Tea and cookies. »

2. Not very good at questioning this girl

“I was making my bed and found a half-eaten stick of butter in it. When I asked my daughter if she put anything in mum’s bed, she replied, “I didn’t put any butter in it.” The mystery continues…”

3. The United States < The rest of the world

“The flip side of being an American citizen working overseas in a country like Denmark is that if I go back to the United States now, I have to buy travel insurance because I could be broke getting sick IN MY OWN COUNTRY, while in Denmark I am fully covered just by paying my taxes. »

4. If it’s not one, it’s the other

« My 3 year old son: Is this the right shoe mom?

Moi : Non

Him, changing feet: And this is the right shoe mom?

Moi : There are only two… yes. »

5. What am I getting into?

“Buddy…leave it”

” She is my girlfriend. I had just preached my first sermon, she had filmed it and wanted me to watch what she had filmed. Thanks. »

6. The Taliban don’t like violence

“The Taliban want to ban TikTok because they say the app promotes violence. »

7. Food accounts on TikTok are something

US Federal Food and Drug Administration warns TikTok users about dangers of cooking chicken in NyQuil »

NyQuil is a medicine for cold and flu symptoms.

8. They sent her to heaven

“I have a lesbian friend who hasn’t come out to her parents. They don’t want her to have a boyfriend, so they sent her to an all-summer camp for girls. SHE CAN’T STOP SMILING. It’s nice. »

9. Not everything went as planned

“I love how the internet was supposed to democratize information but in the end all it did was make stupid people more confident. »

10. Either it’s the number 5 or it’s a terrible person.

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