Top 10 dumbest people of the week, episode 154

Hello Hello ! You know the song: it’s Friday, the day of the weekdays. So get ready for a good batch of idiots, morons, jerks and other ignoramuses. You have the right to laugh but don’t forget to take a little IQ test to find out if you too deserve to be part of this incredible selection. With that, I leave you, I have to recognize 58 children. Bye.

1. One-way boycott

“Pizza Hut has gone completely woke, now we have to boycott it”

“It wasn’t you who said “Cancel culture is destroying America” ? »

2. Small selfish pleasure

“A 14-year-old girl with a severe nut allergy nearly died on a plane after a passenger refused to stop eating peanuts despite being told twice by staff to cabin that he was putting the teenager’s life in danger. »

3. A company that knows how to take its customers’ problems seriously

“I was sexually assaulted by a DoorDash driver [entreprise de livraison de bouffe] today and DoorDash say they can’t do anything but give me a $10 credit to my account, a $20 refund, and contact me within 48 hours.

This Driver Was Caught Masturbating To My Food In His Car And DoorDash Just Said “We’ll Investigate”

4. Big Dumpling

“A conservative journalist complains about gay cruises advertising on military websites… He doesn’t realize it’s ads based on his cookies. »

5. Ill placed to speak

Lauren Boebert (Republican politician): “Take your children to church, not to transvestite bars”

“Your husband Jayson Boebert was arrested in 2004 for showing his penis to a group of teenage girls in a bowling alley. »

6. Big Mystery

“I made my bed and found half a clump of butter in it. When I asked my daughter if she put anything in mum’s bed, she said, “I didn’t put any butter in it. The mystery remains. »

7. A bit too gullible the guy

“This is what happens when you put a penny in the microwave for 2 minutes”

“Because of you I almost set fire to my house”

8. A beautiful story in four acts

9. Meanwhile on Vinted

10. Never, EVER celebrate victory too soon.

Unless you like to look like a jerk.

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