Top 10 dumbest news stories, champions of the week #385

Hello to all my little flowers of the golden fields of Champagne-Ardenne, an underrated region dear to my heart. It’s Sunday and whoever you are, wherever you are, if you’ve arrived on this page, then you’re sharing with me a moment out of time: that of the champions of the week, the ultimate compilation of the most stupid miscellaneous facts of the week that we often find thanks to this genius of” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>@Well Named that I advise you to follow on the networks.

1. They wanted to save the bees, they find 6,000 of them in the wall of their house

Topito’s analysis: Trying to be nice to everyone always ends up getting pissed off, but now if even the bees are starting to take advantage of people, it’s really fucked up.

2. The AI ​​believed to have a soul wants to sue Google

Topito’s analysis: If indeed the AI ​​is starting to want to take legal action, it is because it is a bit advanced anyway. But what’s worrying isn’t that she looks dangerous, it’s that she looks super boring.

AI convinced it has a soul wants to sue Google #News

Posted by The Geek’s Diary on Wednesday, June 22, 2022

3. Nîmes: He forgets his wife at the supermarket, goes for an aperitif and hits vehicles

Topito’s analysis: A classic evening for my fat Jean-Jacques, he literally doesn’t give a shit about this bastard, but how funny he is. Without messing around, the summary of his day is incredible.

4. A French pensioner accidentally ejects from a fighter jet during his retirement “gift”

Topito’s analysis: It’s stupid because as a retirement gift it went pretty well: the idea was original, if it happens he had been dreaming about it for years but what the hell is this mania of wanting to touch all the buttons all the time.

5. Aix: the burglar was carrying a vibrator

Topito’s analysis: I’m not saying that I know anything about burglary, but without having dug too much into the subject I’m almost convinced that it’s no use going out with a vibrator on you, whether on the principle of self-defense or ‘usefulness.

6. Isère: A burglar arrested after waving to the surveillance camera

Topito’s analysis: I’m not saying that I know anything about burglary, but without having dug too much into the subject I am almost convinced that it is useless to wave hello to a surveillance camera if the idea is to remain discreet and to succeed in the crime. that we planned.

7. Courseup. She sends a cooking recipe as motivation, her application is accepted

Topito’s analysis: This whole principle of Parcoursup looks truly incredible, every time there is information on it, it’s absolutely brilliant. Congratulations to this young girl who managed to find and exploit a flaw in the system, a real heroine.

8. His employer pays him 300 times his salary by mistake, he keeps the money and disappears

Topito’s analysis: But at the same time before judging I want to say that it was obviously the wisest and smartest thing to do. The employer had to be careful before making a big mistake, it’s his fault.

9. Rue Lafitte still written rue Labitte in Calais and no one says anything?

Topito’s analysis: It’s true, why does nobody say anything in the end? Until when are we going to let this crime go unpunished and its author laugh at his joke which is, moreover, excessively funny?

10. An SNCF user was fined €150 for transporting a resin shaving brush

Topito’s analysis: What happened on that train? What caused this fine concretely, because transporting a resin shaving brush is not prohibited it seems to me, or there is really someone very specific who takes care of drafting the conditions of fines on trains.

I wish you a sweet and good week while waiting for next Sunday, kisses.

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