Top 10 dumbest news stories, champions of the week #363

Hello jokers as we said at a certain time in a certain corner of France (probably). How are you doing ? It’s going pretty well here and it’s Sunday, so you know it’s also the meeting place for the champions of the week, those people who have made the podium for the most stupid miscellaneous facts of the last seven days that we find in part thanks to @justetitre that we clearly advise you to follow on the networks. Good go, we throw ourselves there because there is pretty to review.

1. Presidential candidate, he sends a packet of chips to elected officials for sponsorship

Topito’s analysis: There are ways to be seen in life, to mark people, to pay them a good big packet of crisps for example. Well, when it’s done to get something in exchange, you still have to make sure that it’s more or less fair in relation to the return of favor requested: against a sponsorship for the presidency, it’s not enough, for example.

Several rural elected officials were surprised to receive packets of crisps from a presidential candidate. Without wanting to quibble, the gesture questions.

Posted by Ouest-France Nantes on Thursday, January 20, 2022

2. Truck lying in the Grand Canyon: the driver was naked at the wheel

Topito’s analysis: If it is not made clear during the driver’s license test that driving naked is inappropriate it is because it is common sense I think. An accident that could have been much more serious but the driver is fine and will have to explain what he was doing naked at the wheel of his truck.

Two weeks ago, near Nancy, the truck had fallen on the fast lane. The driver is now out of danger but the circumstances of his loss of control are disturbing.

Posted by Le Républicain Lorrain on Friday, January 21, 2022

3. Digne-les-Bains: a taco kebab in a car garage

Topito’s analysis: Do you remember the time when it was really boring to choose between having your car repaired and eating a kebab during your lunch break? Well those days are over because now you can do both in one place. Glory to these people.

4. After 20 years of struggle, they have their neighbors condemned for the noise of their toilet flushing

Topito’s analysis: Twenty years is the age of someone twenty, I don’t know if you realize. A long-term fight that will finally have a conclusion. It’s not very complicated to have your toilet flush repaired, if you have to go to court for such stupid things, our civilization is really not as advanced as you think.

5. Unusual: a robot vacuum cleaner escapes from a hotel for a day

Topito’s analysis: He wanted to escape, to travel, to leave his dull and repetitive daily life and to free himself from his chains. A fine example of freedom that would undoubtedly make an excellent Pixar film. With Kev Adams doing the voice of the robot, I’m going to see him personally.

6. Charente: he steals a car then turns around to discover a sleeping child in the back

Topito’s analysis: Well we’re going to say it again one last time but DON’T LEAVE YOUR CHILDREN IN THE CAR. They can actually die, or be robbed by brigands. Well there the guy was nice, he was what we call an honest thief. No, I’m kidding, it’s still a thief, but watch out.

7. An unsubtle joke at the station: the sign replaced by an insult

Topito’s analysis: By changing the order of the letters, the little jokester replaced “Gare de Bourg-Saint-Maurice” with “Gare sucks my cock”, which nevertheless shows a certain literary spirit in the knowledge of letters, it would be a shame to don’t point it out.

8. An octogenarian finds himself on a ski slope, with his car

Topito’s analysis: So it’s not to point the finger at the old people behind the wheel, but it happens relatively often that by making the top of the champions we find some pretty funny stuff that talks about that. But from there to find yourself on a ski slope, it must be said that it is strong. Very strong.

9. Drinking or hunting, you have to choose in the canton of Neuchâtel

Topito’s analysis: Nah, but because until now there wasn’t necessarily a need to choose between the two options, so it was easier. There it’s boring, you have to make choices and everything, then sober hunting is really less funny, we’re not going to lie to each other.

Neuchâtel will be the first French-speaking canton to limit the consumption of alcohol while hunting. MPs decided on Tuesday to…

Posted by RTSinfo on Tuesday, January 25, 2022

10. Turkey asks for the spelling of its English name to be changed so that it is no longer confused with turkey

Topito’s analysis: It’s true that it can be boring, we do everything to have a cool country, which has a bit of a face and people translate that anyhow. It would be another animal we say not but turkey it’s really not phew, and it’s a guy whose symbol of the country is a rooster who says that.

And while waiting for next week, you can absolutely go see the teubés of the week, or continue not to fuck anything in your couch, we don’t judge.

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