Top 10 dumb clichés of cinema on other countries, the big bullshit

Thanks to cinema, you can travel by seeing incredible scenes shot in countries you don’t know and that’s great. Except that in reality Hollywood has plenty of strange practices and does not hesitate to literally change the truth about countries as well as historical facts. That’s why we’re going to see together some examples of very stupid clichés that Hollywood continues to maintain in certain countries, which is quite strange since we know that it’s false.

1. It’s always sunny and warm in Australia.

Australia is the country of good weather, sun and heat whatever the film. Limit it NEVER rains there and there are no clouds, only sandstorms and people with big cars in the desert at the Mad Max. However ok it can be very hot there but it is clearly not sunny all the time.

2. Mexico is a country where it’s yellow and sepia (yeah it’s a weather there)

It will make you very funny when you arrive there, if you stick to the films in Mexico everything is sepia / yellow. Why ? Probably to show that it’s hot there, but after 250 films that use this process you kinda want to move on, don’t you? look Breaking Bad again and you will see.

3. Canadians live in ice all year round

Indeed, we’re not going to lie, there’s a good part of the year when it’s cold his race in Canada, it was even the slogan of the country for a while. But it only lasts a few months, the rest of the time it’s fine, it’s still livable as a country, don’t mess around. The greatest scourge of this country is still Bryan Adams, not the cold.

4. Switzerland is a huge bank with only bankers in it

Well it’s not really a lie, Switzerland is the bank of the world, not necessarily careful about where the money comes from and that’s why it is so prosperous. But still, only showing this kind of scene each time there is a passage in Switzerland is a bit of an overkill, what image does it give of this beautiful country nestled in the mountains?

5. Morocco is a huge desert with a souk in the middle

The scenes in Morocco are not forgiving: either it’s in the desert, or in a souk that seems to cover the surface of the country, or in a super classy hotel room. There’s literally nothing else in the country for Hollywood, which is sad when you know a little about Morocco. Personally I don’t know Morocco at all so I will continue to believe that it is like that.

6. Everyone who lives in Paris has a view of the Eiffel Tower

That’s a classic, a timeless Hollywood thing, it’s borderline if all the windows in the city don’t exist just so that you can see the Eiffel Tower. More good shots of Parisians while Hollywood always forgets the most important thing: overall, there are only assholes in this city.

7. India is a huge slum

If you watch most American films that have a passage in India, you will quickly realize a small detail: the country is a huge slum that spreads out for miles around. If obviously there are slums in India it is not the majority of the country, but it is true that there is a big divide between the rich and the poor. Do you know the things you should never do in India?

8. Budapest: city of spies with espionage in it

Never go to Budapest if you are not a spy it would be inappropriate because according to Hollywood every time a character goes there it is to meet another spy, spy on someone or be spied on . It’s your choice, but it doesn’t make any sense, there’s plenty of other things to do in this city, like strolling the streets looking up.

9. It’s always Carnival in Brazil

Already most of the time when something happens in Brazil it is necessarily in Rio, but in addition it is necessarily during the carnival period, otherwise there is no interest in going to film there. Suddenly tourists feel completely screwed when they arrive there and it’s not carnival, it’s really boring.

10. In Russia it snows ALL the TIME and people are pissed off because they live in the 70s.

Russia in American movies is REALLY the asshole of the world. It’s snowing, people are wearing a parka and sulking, you get hit on every street corner if you disobey the government and overall the country is a huge gulag. A little too forced the American vision.

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