Top 10 different types of primary school teachers

1. The teacher who takes himself too much for your father or your mother

He checks that you have your snack, he helps you get dressed, he sees if you have eaten well and if you have your hood on. His mental load is really enormous since he clearly takes his job to heart to the point of becoming the parent of thirty kids.

2. The military

He doesn’t care if the children are under 8, he talks to them as if they were soldiers. It’s not impossible that he’ll ask them to do 50 push-ups if they don’t line up properly after recess.

3. The slime-cool

She decided that the children did not need more stress at school, she teaches them to do meditation and to flourish through unusual activities such as laughter yoga or talking tricks to give compliments.

4. Professor Zicos

The one who plays guitar at recess and makes you learn cool songs in class. He starts every day by saying hello while humming and decides to teach lessons with his piano because he is convinced of one thing: when it’s in song, children remember better.

5. The retiree who is a little too passionate

He can’t let go of his work when his program hasn’t been up to date for 10 years and his colleagues are pushing him a little to retire since his geographical maps date from the beginning of the last century.

6. The creepy guy who’s actually the best teacher

At the beginning of the year you tell yourself that he is going to be the worst teacher of your life and in fact you cry tears of blood at the fair saying goodbye to him because in the end he was too cool and super interesting (and that ‘plus he liked you).

7. The new teacher who is a little too motivated

The one who has just started his career, still full of good will, motivation and passion. He takes out the puppets every morning, offers lots of school trips and activities and the other teachers quickly tell him to calm down.

8. The one that really didn’t set a good mood

He waited five minutes for silence before starting his lesson, he always sulked, spoke in a harsh manner and was generally the least cool of all your schooling. Even the other teachers avoided him because he was so morose.

9. The one who is on sick leave all year round

You saw him the first week at the start of the school year and in the end there will be more replacements in your class than the day this teacher will be there throughout the year. So you don’t necessarily have any memories or opinions about him.

10. The teacher a bit too violent

The one who throws the chalk or the blackboard brush at you if you gossip too much and who snaps the ruler on your fingers if he catches you arguing. Overall it doesn’t exist anymore since it’s quite old school as methods.

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