Top 10 different types of makeup in illustrations, beauty at all levels of the face

Make-up is the most practical trick to pretend you’re not too ugly. Fortunately, he is there to save us from a sometimes unpleasant physique. There are as many ways to wear makeup as there are to dress, there is something for everyone, for better and for worse. We give you here our examples of the most successful make-ups in Paint illustrations, because this software is definitely the best in artistic technology.

1. Natural makeup for people who want to wear makeup but pretend they don’t wear makeup

The nude effect is the cleverest concept we’ve invented to sell very expensive products in order to act as if we weren’t wearing any make-up at all. But go and put a little fluorescent on your margoulette.

Maquillage nature

2. Contouring to look like Kim Kardashian

Definitely the Kardash will have had a historical influence on the physique and the fashion: it legitimized the wearing of moulax leggings (until then reserved for people devoid of taste), it gave its letters of nobility to big asses, and it launched a dangerous wave of contouring in the make-up jungle. The result is most often not up to par, it must be admitted.


3. Lip liner to feel like an American Sunday afternoon TV movie

Less common practice these days, the lip liner wreaked havoc in the 90s. A bad taste that nevertheless arouses a certain nostalgia today, and we find ourselves regretting a world where life was simpler like a swipe of brown lip liner to accentuate her cupid’s bow.

Crayon levres

4. The lip gloss with lots of stuff sticking on your disgusting sticky mouth

We all thought one day that putting on gloss would be a brilliant idea. But this idea is only brilliant in name, unlike your mouth, which is only brilliant in idea (I got my brushes mixed up, but you got the message).

The gloss is only in the pubs. In real life, it’s like putting glue on your mouth. You grab all the dust, cat hair, breadcrumbs. Your mouth, it looks like a butt dough fallen on the ground.


5. Mission pimple-concealing makeup

Paradoxically, the best way not to see your pimples drag on is to let them breathe. But no one cares. What we want is to pop our pimples anyhow, not disinfect them and cum over a ton of foundation to hide the festering infection we’ve caused. That’s what I call wanting pus and wanting money pus.

Fond de teint

6. Kawaii makeup because life is too short not to look like a cute animal

After all, why not get creative with our makeup designs? I ask you the question. Answer it.


7. Messed up eyeliner

To this I will tell you that it seems to me humanly impossible to make a success of your eyeliner the first time. Nor the second.


8. 2000s make-up: multicolored eyeshadow

Period that we could associate with this sick state of mind: “I’ve never touched a palette, but I want to try all the colors to see”. Not everyone emerged unscathed from this troubled period.


9. The overlips: go beyond your lips to make them fuller

Otherwise called the facial padding technique: it is equivalent to fucking padded bras when doing 75A.


10. Eyebrows redesigned because they are over-plucked

All our grandmothers + all the girls who extorted us in college =

Sourcil rases

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