Top 10 differences between a protective parent and an overprotective parent

Having a child and wanting to protect it, I would say that’s a bit of a parent’s job. But be careful not to get confused on the slippery slope of excess protection because it can become boring, very boring, too boring.

1. When your child gets into a fight with a friend in the playground

Protective parent: you try to help him understand the problem even if it means meeting his friend’s parents (who may not really be his friend after all).

Overly protective parent: you lock up your child’s enemy in a cellar for a week or two with the obligation to play with your too nice child.

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2. When he makes his first comeback crying

Protective parent: you try to explain to him that school will bring him a lot of good things, that he will make friends. You give him a wonderful snack every day after school.

Overly protective parent: you’re canceling his registration, after all, we’re never better served than by ourselves, so we might as well instruct him at home, away from all the potential conflicts he might encounter in the playground.

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3. When he has a little fever

Protective parent: you put a cold water glove on him and wait to see if the temperature rises before taking him to the doctor.

Overly protective parent: you call an ambulance to take him to the emergency room.

4. When he trips and scratches his knee

Protective parent: you put a bit of antiseptic, a bandage on it and of course you give it the magic kiss.

Overly protective parent: you put a cast on him for three weeks and you lock him in his room to make sure he gets well.

5. When he/she is going to do his/her first time

Protective parent: you give him condoms in anticipation.

Overly protective parent: you attend the antics to check that everything is going well.

6. When your child gets a bad grade

Protective parent: you explain to him what he hasn’t understood and you reassure him for the next time.

Overly protective parent: you’re hacking into the school’s computer system to kick the 20s all over him. don’t laugh it’s already arrived.

7. When he does his homework

Protective parent: you help him with his homework by letting him find his way of thinking.

Overly protective parent: you do his homework for him so he can go play because he has already worked a lot at school.

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8. When his cat or his dog passes the weapon to the left

Protective parent: you console him and explain to him that life is thus made up of things which are born and which die and even if it is sad and painful, time will soothe his sufferings.

Overly protective parent: you put him on anxiolytics.

9. When you organize the Easter egg hunt

Protective parent: you buy lots of chocolates of all kinds and take care to hide them while making them quite accessible.

Overly protective parent: you give him the chocolates in your own hands and you give pies to the other children who would have the misfortune to find chocolates before him.

10. When he plays Lego

Protective parent: you help him build the tallest tower.

Overly protective parent: you stick the tiles together with glue so that his work is never destroyed.

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