Top 10 concepts that we no longer want to see on the internet, STOP

I don’t know if you are aware of this, but on the internet, everything goes very quickly. Trends follow one another and we barely have time to appreciate content that is already obsolete. However, some fashions do not seem to want to die when we are all really fed up with them. This is a call to the community: it’s time to stop bringing this content to life, hell has gone on too long.

1. Reproduce photos of stars to make fun of them

The concept : “The stars are really ridiculous in their photos, it’s fun to imitate them”. It was funny at first but after 2000 diversions, we understood the delirium.

What you can do instead: Rob the shacks of the stars to reproduce the photos with their real clothes.

2. Photograph yourself once a day for a year

The concept : Shooting the face in front of the lens every day for a year. Or two. Or twenty. What interest do you ask me? None, really.

What you can do instead: Photographing strangers on the street every day. No interest either, but at least it changes.

3. Take inspiration from your children’s drawings to make something stylish

The concept : Steal the ugly drawings of his children and redraw or animate them in 3D. The idea is really nice but what’s the point of doing it 12 times?

What you can do instead: Redraw children’s scribbles trying to make them even uglier. But hey, everyone knows it’s hard.

4. Recreate childhood photos between siblings 10 years later

The concept : Same place, same colors of clothes, same grimaces: the goal is to recreate photos of children as adults and it’s super cute, we don’t say otherwise. The problem is that we saturate.

What you can do instead: Reproduce the photos of adolescence where we hid behind our locks.

5. Filming his parents who discover words from young people

The concept : Make fun of his parents who try to guess what words like “moula”, “despi” or “fiak” mean. We laughed the first time, minus the 53rd time.

What you can do instead: Inventing words and saying “yes, that’s it” to the first proposal from naïve parents.

6. Dress up sleeping babies in fun costumes

The concept : Disguise a sleeping baby with lots of more or less fun costumes; and sometimes even in bad taste.

What you can do instead: Let the baby rest easy and avoid buying stupid miniature accessories that will only be used once.

7. Film everyday objects and IN FACT it’s a cake

The concept : Make super realistic cakes to create a quality trompe-l’oeil and thus trap amazed Internet users. We loved it at first, we got tired of it, now there’s a Netflix series on the subject and we can’t stand seeing cakes everywhere.

What you can do instead: Make burgers or sauerkraut that look like cakes. Think out of ze box actually…

8. Parents who prepare Instagrammable lunchboxes for their children

The concept : Make lunch for your kid to eat at school by making it look absolutely gorgeous with food coloring and smiley face sandwiches.

What you can do instead: Stop making people feel guilty by showing perfect parents who have time to cut heart-shaped food. It’s always the parents of boring students who do stuff like that…

9. Misappropriation of book covers

The concept : Take a children’s book cover like Martine or Max and Lily and adapt it to current events thanks to a funny title. Once again: yes it’s funny, yes you have to stop anyway.

What you can do instead: Read good books by the fire. Especially in the middle of summer.

10. Super embarrassing micro-sidewalks in Châtelet

The concept : Young male influencers challenge teenagers in front of the Halles forum in Paris to ask them often inappropriate questions about sex and intimacy. It’s embarrassing, it’s regularly misogynistic and it’s never been funny.

What you can do instead: Let people do their shopping in peace. Is it too much to ask?

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