Top 10 clothes banned in certain schools, and it’s weird

As Anatole France said “Of all the schools I have attended, truant school seemed to me the best” and there’s nothing like starting a top with a quote looted from an obscure quotes site to give yourself some allure. In short, you will have understood today we are talking about school, this place where you learn all kinds of stuff (write “ellebese” on your calculator) and where you are not allowed to do everything you we want.

Be aware, however, that the law only prohibits signs or outfits showing religious affiliation. The rest results from the choices of each school director and the rules of procedure (within the limits of the acceptable must not mess around). This is how we end up with lunar prohibitions which have the merit of dilating our spleen.

1. The socks in the tap shoes

Last prohibition in date, a college prohibited this outfit certainly of bad taste but which does not miss a certain obsolete charm.

2. Les crop-tops

Remember when we suggested all the things we should ban before the crop-top at school after the ban hit the headlines? Bah listen to this terrible object of sartorial cleavage continues to be banned in certain establishments.

The statements of Emmanuel Macron, who calls for “decent dress” to go to school, sparked a controversy,…

Posted by ELLE on Tuesday, July 6, 2021

3. Jogging

It is this time in the Yvelines that it is happening. The Condorcet high school in Limay decided in 2016 to ban jogging. It’s hard to tell you if this ban is still in effect since I don’t know anyone at Concordet College in Limay in the Yvelines and I no longer have a phone plan to call them.

4. Les leggings

Well it’s in California. And then it dates from 2013. And then the Express article is reserved for subscribers so my investigative capabilities stop there (sometimes I wonder how they manage to work with Médiapart with this damn barrier of paid online articles ).

5. Les baskets

WHAAAAAAT? But when can we still hope to ban this kind of outfit? Well, it was at the King Baudouin College in Schaerbeek in Belgium where 20 students were sent home because they were not well in their pumps (MDR).

6. Stiletto heels

OK, heels suck. It hurts the back, it hurts the ankles, overall it hurts the balls. But I will always fight so that others can wear what I find unwearable unlike this Italian school which banned heels over 4cm for “security reasons”.

7. The mini-skirt

Certainly one of the most controversial clothes in history, so it’s no surprise that it has entered the pantheon of school clothing bans. Well, in this case we are talking about a nursery and primary school in Finistère which has also banned makeup for its students. There is reason to wonder about this choice: is it abnormal that children wear make-up and dress “like adults”? Is it abnormal that they are sexualized to the point of seeing them as a provocation? From when do we have the right to dress “like a woman”? Besides, what does it mean to “dress like a woman”? I leave you with that, I haven’t quite decided yet.

8. Dyed hair

That said, I wonder if I’m more shocked by the news or by the prowess of this hilarious title.

9. Bare back and visible belly prohibited in an elementary school

We come back to this existential, Arlesian question of this top: what is a proper outfit? For who ? ANSWER!

Do you also sometimes wear the same t-shirt two days in a row because in the end if it still smells of deodorant, is it not really dirty?

Source : The Parisian, Slate

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