Top 10 Celebrities Who Disappeared Overnight

The world of stars is a difficult world, in which you can be loved by everyone one day, then find yourself in the closet without remorse the next. Yeah, I know how to get the mood right in one sentence, yeah. In order to live a little moment of nostalgia all together, while giving back some “views” to these stars who are no longer really stars, I suggest you remember, for a short moment, those who have gone from light to shade in a few years. Those who have disappeared. BUT NOT LITERALLY, HUH. For the celebrities who have REALLY DISAPPEARED, we already have a very high quality top!


What have we learned from them? “Everyday I’m shuffling, tututu tutuTU tututututuTUTUTUTU” and… Well, that’s all, isn’t it?

2. Tom Questioner

Must believe that he left to live the dolce vita with his Lady Mélodie, because clearly, since this sound, has anyone already met him or heard him somewhere? Nope ? Well, he still released four albums and gave a few concerts, before opening a surf school near Agadir, Morocco.

3. Erik Per Sullivan (Dewey de Malcom In The Middle)

After a career that began very young (in 1998, in Armageddonwhen he was only 7 years old), he became popular in the eyes of the general public thanks to his interpretation of Dewey, the youngest of the family, in the American series, for which he played from 2000 to 2006. The last project of his career dates back to 2010, with his role in Twelve. And since ? No more news. Or almost. He simply talked about him again in 2017, when a rumor announcing his death went around the world.

4. Jonathan Taylor Thomas

His name does not sound familiar ? Bah, it is the proof that it has completely disappeared from circulation! In the 1990s, however, he multiplied comedies and TV shows. Notably popular for the role of “Randy” in the sitcom “Home Improvement”, he eventually decided on his own to turn his back on Hollywood to focus on his studies.

5. Richard Simmons

Often parodied, Richard Simmons was an eccentric “coach”, regularly invited to American TV sets, such as David Laterman’s Late Show. For several decades, he applied himself to promoting health and sport on screen. His last public appearance was in 2014. Even when rumors of his poor health began circulating in 2016, it was not him who spoke out on the matter, but his publicist who denied the fake news.

6. Erik von Detten

Aka the crush of several teenagers of the 2000s! But siiiiiii, you know, it was “Josh” in “Princess despite her” (The Princess Diaries) on Disney Channel! That’s it, does it come back to you? If you’re wondering what’s become of him, well know that he’s a happy dad who leads a quiet little life, far from the spotlight. So.

7. K. Maro

K. Maro decided to stop singing to produce artists. Do we regret this choice and its strong lyrics? Not sure.

8. Jena Lee

“It’s just a weapon, just a remnant of the past, from which I move away, but which keeps haunting me”, we did not see it coming, but perhaps these words were a simple projection of his short-lived fame? (Wow, that’s a bit mean. Sorry, Jena). In the 2000s, he was still a hell of a star, who notably did a little feat with Orelsan! (Yes, that too, we had forgotten). After the success of “I would like so much”, the artist continued in the song, but the mayonnaise never took again. The world was not ready for his talent.

9. Colonel Reyel

“Let me be the one who fucks the life of the Aurélieees for decades”. No really, our own Aurélie is still traumatized. That’s not nice, Rémi. Yes, Rémi, that’s his real first name. Remi Ranguin. Yeah, we learn all the players here!

10. Helmut Fritz

And at the same time, could “It annoys me” really open the doors to a long musical career?

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