Top 10 Cartoon Villains Clearly Misunderstood, They’re Right To Be Villains

We often talk about the worst cartoon characters, those who are beautiful puffs, but we forget that the bad guys have a heart and that they are sometimes misunderstood. If we lived in a super silly cartoon universe, we would surely end up becoming the embittered villain who does not want to come to parties and insults everyone for free. Leave the bad guys alone, they have a pretty complicated life as it is.

1. Swiper in Dora the Explorer

Swiper steals things, that’s a fact. But as far as I know, Dora the big poucave didn’t win them by the sweat of her brow either: she only stole them from the wild or from people just before him. The real problem is that poor Swiper is always accused before he has even done anything (moreover by a bourgeois kid and a monkey in an UGG) and never has the right to defend himself. Inevitably, that does not motivate you to want to become honest.

2. Mandy des Totally Spies!

When we were kids, we all hated Mandy. Normal, she was presented as the plague who does everything to make life impossible for the trio. In truth, it’s rather Clover who bully Mandy permanently. As soon as Mandy is attracted to a boy or a new clothes, that bitch Clover has to get them first. Poor Mandy is just trying to live quietly but like the Spies are the queens of high school, she has no choice but to live in their shadow.

Mandy totally spies

3. Benny and Svetlana in Ratz

In Ratz, it’s not just the rats on the boat: there’s the crew who spend their time trying to catch them. They are considered the villains of the story as they just try to salvage their cargo and get to their destination without sinking the ship. Don’t act like you wouldn’t want to kill those big disgusting rats too…

4. The children of the playground in Les Minijusticiers

“Yeah yeah, I’m being harassed, it’s not fair”

So if I may say so, we all have problems. In each episode, there is a kid who complains about being made fun of because of his big feet or his sneezing, but it’s the same kid who was made fun of in the previous episodes. After a while, you have to stop giving a damn about the world.


5. The manager of the amusement park in all episodes of Scooby-Doo

It’s the story of four friends and a dog who travel in a van to supposedly haunted places to find the hidden schemes. Nobody ever wondered who was paying them to do all this? Are they out of work and spending their time gossiping around the country at the expense of the taxpayer? The managers who disguise themselves as monsters are always people in trouble trying to make ends meet and now four young people who have never worked hard in their lives come to fuck them in jail. Great solidarity.

6. Mojo Jojo from Super Nanas

Mojo Jojo is a monkey with an overdeveloped brain and incidentally an evil genius. He was originally the pet monkey of Professor Utonium, the father and creator of the three super girls, but who knows why, he was cowardly abandoned. Not difficult to understand why he is so angry with the three unbearable kids who run the planet at only 7 years old.

7. Gargamel in The Smurfs

The Smurfs like to portray Gargamel and his little cat Azrael as big bad guys who do evil for free, but do you know his story? We are talking about a scholar who lives recluse in the forest to seek to create the philosopher’s stone and who learns that by catching JUST ONE of these disgusting critters that swarm in the forest, he could find the recipe for immortality. We would clearly do the same.

Schtroumpfs gargamel

8. The Team Rocket Trio in Pokemon

Team Rocket is constantly humiliated and denigrated for being considered a criminal organization. But if you think about it for five minutes, what is the real difference with what Sacha and his friends are doing? They spend their time capturing critters to train them in battle against other innocent creatures and make them sleep in a space smaller than themselves. From what we’ve seen, the Rocket team treats its animals much better: they’re never in their pokeball and their Meowth has even learned to talk.

9. Miss Tick in Scrooge’s Band

Originally, we talk about the richest duck in the world who pays his own family 30 cents an hour to help him keep all his dough and amass even more treasures. Strangely, no one finds anything to complain about. On the other hand, when a super stylish witch dares to try to steal a poor piece of nothing at all, she becomes direct persona non grata. She has good reason to be upset, poor Miss Tick…

Miss tick

10. Jérôme Barberin in Rémi sans famille

The poor man has toiled for 8 years in the big city and when he comes home, there’s a kid he doesn’t even know who squats in his barracks and eats the soup he paid for with the sweat of his brow . Nah but frankly, we want to be nice but should not abuse either.

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