Top 10 Brands That Ask People To Stop Talking About Them

There are companies that we love with love, like the brands that say shit in Photoshop or the funny brands on Twitter. And then there are the others, those who are a bit of a push-back because they don’t like people to use their name anyhow. Be careful, some have very good reasons to do it, but others, there you go… Be careful, I’m not targeting anyone, yeah, wait, don’t make me say what I didn’t really say! So here is the list of companies whose name should not be pronounced otherwise they will appear at the bottom of your bowl.

1. Kärcher asked Valérie Pécresse to stop using the brand in her speeches

In early 2022, presidential candidate Valérie Pécresse said she wanted “Take the Kärcher out of the cellar to clean the cities”. Very badly took him because the brand did not appreciate too much that the candidate of the Republicans wants to make the facelift in Saint-Denis. The company denounced “Inappropriate words” and repeated that “The brand had no place on the French political scene”, asking that all politicians stop using the brand name in the middle.

2. Kärcher also asked Secretary of State Fadela Amara not to talk about the brand in 2010

Poor little Kärcher who hasn’t asked anyone for anything and who sees his values ​​being rolled over by politicians. In 2010, Fadela Amara was pinned down by the brand for having also said that it was necessary “Clean up at Kärcher this violence that kills our children in the cities”. This sentence echoed the words of Nicolas Sarkozy, pronounced 5 years earlier. Indeed, in 2005, Nicolas Sarkozy had released THE sentence that inspired Pécresse and Amara, since he had said, as Minister of the Interior visiting a family victim of a settling of accounts at the Courneuve, “We’re going to clean up the city of 4000 at the Kärcher.” Certainly, there are those who should think about converting to the maintenance of the house rather than trying to conquer the Elysee.

3. Louboutin asked the Marseillais candidates to blur their shoes

In 2018, a scandal made the candidates of reality TV tremble (nothing to do with harassment or sexual assault, that they do not give a fuck). Several candidates have indeed complained of being banned from wearing Louboutins. If this is not really the case, the luxury brand still called the production company of the Marseillais, Banijay, to remind “the good practices concerning the use of the mark, in particular when this one is used without its agreement, within the framework of television programs ”. Banijay was therefore, like any other logo, to blur the red soles, but finding it too complicated, the production therefore asked the candidates to no longer wear these shoes.

4. Abercrombie & Fitch wanted to pay Jersey Shore, an American reality TV contestant, to stop wearing the brand

A bit like with Louboutin and the Marseillais, Abercrombie & Fitch did not really want to benefit from the “bad publicity” of reality TV towards its brand. In fact, in 2011, the company wanted to pay Michael Sorrentino from the “Jersey Shore” program to prevent him from wearing the brand’s joggers and underwear. Abercrombie & Fitch no longer wanted the young man’s vulgarity to shock fans of the brand. Sacred reversal of jacket when we know that in 2010 the brand released a t-shirt on which we could read “Fitchuation”, reminiscent of Michael Sorrentino’s nickname, The Situation.

5. The candy brand H * r * bo asked Topito not to write their name on his tops anymore

So that’s really not nice, because I like the Dragi ***, the Bears **** and the Taga ** a lot (on the other hand the Rotels ** can go fuck themselves). So if it were up to me, I would have given them the reasons to put their candy in intravenous. But love does not seem mutual and it is very sad.

6. Thierry Ardisson no longer wants us to use a single word in the French language

You thought that the word queer was part of the LGBTQ + lexicon but not at all my little friends, every time you say it, Thierry Ardisson receives an SUV at his home. Yes, because the “Queer” brand has been owned by the host since 1999 and was sold in 2005 to the TF1 group. In the meantime, Ardisson has also filed the words “Escabeau”, “Ham rind” and “Trigonometry”. It’s hot for the future. Still a good, really abusive trademark registration.

7. Sc * tch also asked Topito to use the words “duct tape” rather than their brand in the tops (it’s starting to be a pain in our life)

Two fingers away from writing “cardboard ring supporting a long thin transparent plastic tape and adhesive allowing one material to be fixed for a desired period of time to another” in my tops.

8. Many singers and bands have asked Donald Trump to stop using their songs

I’m not going to give you the whole list, otherwise we have some until the end of the week, but Adèle, The Beatles, Elton John, Pharell Williams, Linkin Park, the Rolling Stones, Rihanna, Phil Collins, Queen or again the Village People have banned the former President of the United States from using their music for his campaigns or political rallies. I can tell you that Trumpy was not very happy, but hey, since he was not going to let go of a freestyle, it was complicated for him to do anything other than accept his sentence.

9. Beethoven asked Zemmour to stop using his sounds for propaganda

The guy came straight out of his grave to take Zemmour by the collar and say to him “Once again you will transplant one of my songs, you will soon join me in my box”, and he was not talking about a nightclub. He was badly worshiped, you don’t have to look for him, the guy. I think Zemmour understood the lesson, he left the little man with his tail between his legs.

10. The Palace of Versailles asked Natoo not to twerk in his palace anymore

The editor of the youtubeuse Natoo received a nice little email asking her not to broadcast images of her twerking (or dwerker, as she puts it so well, it’s like twerk but with the back instead of derche) in Marie-Antoinette’s apartments. But it came a little too late because she had already posted the little TikTok below. Sorry for the people from Versailles who are stuck in their ass.

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