Top 10 best scratch games in history, objectively

As my eco teacher said, “Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it’s always more fun to cry in the Bahamas than to drink 8.6. or something like that. If like me you are thirsty for money and not for 8.6, here is the official ranking of the best scratch games, to scratch to make a lot of wheat while enjoying it. Besides, if you would like to sign my petition to give back the golden honeys, that would be nice, thank you.

1. Le maxi-goal

Note : 15/10, because there are 375 squares to scratch and that leads us straight on the road to love.

Who to give one to: To your sister who just spent 18 hours in the delivery room and needs a little comfort.

Maxi goal
Credits photo : FDJ

2. The Tic Tac Toe

Note : 10/10, because you always have a mini chance of winning €2 and replaying endlessly.

Who to give one to: To your little cousin who just learned to count, that jerk.

Morpion 1
Credits photo : FDJ

3. L’astro

Note : 9/10 because you have the impression that this ticket is a sign from the universe and that you are bound to win (and that the qualities of your sign are a pleasure to read).

Who to give one to: To your pal ascendant Cancer, moon in Aquarius.

Astro 2019
Credits photo : FDJ

4. Big wheel

Note : 8/10 because the concept is clear, clean and precise (and the name still makes you laugh a little each time).

Who to give one to: To your Michel Sardou fan brother-in-law.

La grosse roue
Credits photo : FDJ

5. Crosswords

Note : 7/10 because it’s always nice to make money by cultivating.

Who to give one to: To your grandmother in a retirement home, to share a nice moment with senior citizens.

Mots croises 2021
Credits photo : FDJ

6. And Monopoly

Note : 6/10 because it makes you feel a little nostalgic about when you could buy lots of houses without worrying about tomorrow.

Who to give one to: To your mother so that she doesn’t forget to write you a small check before you leave.

Monopoly 2020
Credits photo : FDJ

7. Cash

Note : 5/10, a boring game with unclear instructions for a very simple game, could do better.

Who to give one to: To your next door neighbor who complains when you have a party after 10 p.m.

Cash 2021
Credits photo : FDJ

8. Le Las Vegas

Note : 3/10, too much is too much, don’t push.

Who to give one to: To your 4th grade math teacher who never managed to teach you how to solve an equation with three unknowns.

Ticket fdj vegas
Credits photo : FDJ

9. The Millionaire

Note : 1/10, because surprisingly, no one ever wins a million and you want to split your wrists after losing.

Who to give one to: To your banker, to send her a subliminal message concerning the state of your account.

Millionnaire 2018
Credits photo : FDJ

10. Le Black-Jack

Note : -10/2, because there are a thousand times too many rules for a game that lasts 5 seconds.

Who to give one to: To your co-worker who never cleans his tire tracks when he leaves the bathroom.

Black jack 2021
Credits photo : FDJ

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