Top 10+ best board games for 4 players

Looking for a great board game to play with four players? We searched all the expert sites and read the opinions of players to compile the ultimate list of the best games for 4!

Prix : from 17.9 at Culture

Jeu aimants strategie kluster

A fun little dexterity game based on magnets. The games last 10 minutes and we have a lot of fun, what more could you ask for?

From 6 years old.

Prix : from 13.19 at Culture

Uno harry potter

A UNO game but Harry Potter version, so necessarily better.

Prix : from 62.9 at Philibert’s

Pandemic legacy saison 1

If you’ve ever played (and loved) the original “Pandemic” game…well, you definitely need to play this scripted version. The best collaborative game of all time!

A favorite of the Topito editorial staff.

From 12 years old.

Prix : from 10.95 at Philibert’s

Jeu cartes the mind

A stupid concept, but one that works extremely well: lay down an increasing sequence of cards each in turn… without communicating. Works as much with 2 as with 4 players.

From the age of 8.

Prix : from 19.9 at Philibert’s


One of the best party games of all time. The principle is simple: two teams are guessing words through clues. An extremely clever and rich game, which makes you think.

From 3 to 8 players, from 12 years old.

Prix : from 68.95 chez Magic Madhouse

Brass birmingham 1

One of the best strategy board games of all time according to gamers around the world.

From 14 years old.

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