Top 10+ best board games for 3 players

Are you looking for an excellent board game that can be played with 3 players? Here we list the best games, those recommended by both experts and the general public.

Prix : from 17.9 at Culture

Jeu aimants strategie kluster

A game of magnets and dexterity, for those who love magnetic objects. The goal is to settle in the playing area without the stones being attracted to each other and touching each other…

From 6 years old.

Prix : from 47.99 at Culture

Jeu societe agricola

Because you secretly dream of escaping into the countryside and raising sheep, you can in the meantime play this great classic board game to do just the same.

From 12 years old.

Prix : from 49.95 at Philibert’s

Through the ages

The best strategy / civilization game. Everything is there ! The games are long, but perfectly balanced.

From 14 years old.

Prix : from 31.5 at Philibert’s


A tile-matching game where you’ll have to create the most diverse and harmonious ecosystem possible, with the animals of the great American West as their theme. Arcadia received the Spiel des Jahres 2022 award, the most prestigious award in the world of board games.

Prix : from 49.95 at Philibert’s

Terraforming mars

This strategy game, set against the backdrop of the colonization of Mars, quickly became a must-have for any “expert” gamer’s toy library. A nugget.

From 12 years old.

Prix : from 144.99 at Parking


A monument of the board game. Considered the best game of all time by enthusiasts. Considering the price and the investment requested, check if this is indeed a game for you. If so, go for it.

From 14 years old.

Prix : from 68.95 chez Magic Madhouse

Brass birmingham 1

An excellent game of economy and above all of strategy which puts you in the shoes of an entrepreneur in the Birmingham of the industrial revolution (end of the 18th century towards the end of the 19th century). A masterpiece.

From 14 years old.

Prix : from 34.99 chez

Villainous jeu devenir mechant disney

A Disney strategy game but only with the bad guys (who are ultimately the best Disney characters, right?). Your goal: to become the greatest villain of all time.

From 10 years old.

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