Top 10 archaic things you should stop doing

We live in a time when we are told about metaverse, NFT, cryptocurrencies and other autonomous cars. We live in the future, absolutely. A somewhat lame future, but it’s the future all the same. And yet, despite that, we have kept some very old-fashioned things in our society. Stuff that smells of old grandpa and dust. Stuff that no longer serves much and that it would be time to drop, right?

1. The speaking clock

Good news, the speaking clock will no longer exist from July 2022. For those who didn’t know, basically the principle was this: you call a phone number and a voice gives you the time. That’s all. And it’s only this year that it’s being removed. While watches have been around for centuries and we’ve all had a phone in our pocket for 15-20 years. It’s crazy.

When it was put into service on February 14, 1933, its success was such that out of the hundred and forty thousand calls made, only twenty thousand were able to obtain an answer.

Posted by The world on Wednesday, May 4, 2022

2. Pay by check

Today we do everything by credit card, or even directly by telephone, and they still want us to issue checks to pay deposits and other boring things. Lots of other solutions exist, so can we get out of prehistory please? Thanks very much. (I’m afraid of dinosaurs).

3. Having to go to the police station to make a power of attorney

So no, it’s not super complicated to move your buttocks to the nearest police station, but it could be even easier with a simple online process. There’s already a lot of stuff that is only done online, so we must be able to find a solution. We are strong enough for that. I believe it.

4. Voting at polling stations

Ok, online voting would surely require a lot of work to have a super safe and impossible to hack platform. But we are definitely capable of it. You’re not going to tell us that at a time when they want us to live in virtual universes, we’re going to continue to vote in old primary schools that smell like canteens? Pity.

5. The run

Come on, it’s good, you’ve made the most of it, you’ve tortured enough bulls with little spikes in their sides, now we can stop, can’t we? Ah, no, it’s true, pro-bullfighting has concrete arguments: ” It’s a tradition “ et “NOW BUT THE BULL HAD A GOOD LIFE”… They are strong guys. But personally, if one day someone comes to tell me that they’re going to torture me and kill me because it’s a tradition and that, anyway, I had a good life, well, I’m not going to like it too much. Really not too much.

6. Having to enter a code given by your bank to make a transfer to a new person

Some people (those who are still customers of traditional banks) must copy a code located on a paper card that their bank gave them to make a bank transfer to a new beneficiary. Just this sentence is too long, it proves that this system is a bit rotten. With online banks, you don’t need that, and everything is going very well. Moreover, it seems that online banking customers are 79% happier and 81% more efficient in bed. It means what it means.

7. Send faxes

Yes, faxes are still used in some places, like hospitals. In itself, it doesn’t hurt anyone (well I think, I haven’t inquired), but it personally pisses me off. The word “fax” reminds me of an old world where the bosses called their secretary “my little one” by putting their hands on their buttocks. Nothing less.

8. Registered letters to end a subscription

The only reason your gym asks you to send a registered letter to stop your membership is because they hope you get lazy and never unsubscribe. This is the only explanation (and the worst part is that it often works).

9. Wooden Clogs

There are still producers of wooden clogs in France, while 10-ball sneakers are more comfortable. I’ll have to explain myself here. For me it’s a conspiracy, no more no less.

10. Racism…

Yeah… I like to throw cobblestones in the pond… (but I always check if there are no ducks and other swans before, because I love animals).

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