Top 10 Anime Heroes Who Achieved Their Goal

Many cartoons rely on a simple principle to drag out the seasons: the hero has a strong goal that he fails to accomplish. As a result, we watch dozens – even hundreds – of episodes just to see him win one day. And sometimes it happens that in the end, FINALLY, the hero manages to achieve his goal. A moment of joy very quickly followed by a very sad reality: now, he has nothing more to do.

1. Sacha has finally become the best trainer

After 25 years of tormenting pokemon and getting fucked up by Kanto trainers, Ash has finally succeeded in achieving his goal: to become the best trainer. The guy, who must feel death since he has never changed his clothes, won the world championship for trainers by smashing Tarak, the champion of Galar, undefeated until then. Pikachu smashed his super Charizard after an emotional streak and made his master a hero. Well, Sacha will have to find a real job now.

2. Scrat from Ice Age managed to eat his acorn

Said like that, it’s weird, but we’re talking about the fruit of the oak that the squirrel tried to eat for 5 films without ever achieving his ends and causing well-received disasters. Well, in early 2022, Scrat finally managed to swallow his glans without any disaster happening. A rather nice way to end the Ice Age (which nobody gave a damn about, it must be admitted).

3. Coyotte managed to catch Bip Bip

Well, the thing was pretty disappointing in the sense that Coyotte couldn’t eat that motherfucker Beep Beep because he had been shrunk beforehand. But the gag rests on the fact that yes, Coyotte has “caught” the Greater Roadrunner. Laughter bars. Now it would still be a question of screwing him up one day because he deserves it.

4. The Code Lyoko teenagers destroyed Xana

After 97 absolutely identical episodes where Ulrich and his friends countered XANA’s attacks before rebooting the world, they finally managed to beat the machine thanks to the sacrifice of their virtual friend Aelita’s father. In the end, the supercomputer is turned off, and the kids can live a normal life again. Maybe they should have unplugged it from the start after all, it would have saved them a lot of trouble.

5. Esteban managed to find Mysterious City of Gold

Esteban’s goal was simple: discover the legendary (and mysterious) cities of gold. A mission about as wobbly as going in search of the Loch Ness monster, and yet the guy has managed the impossible by foiling an Apocalypse in passing. All this while finally meeting his father to see him sacrifice himself the next minute. Not cool. In short, Esteban and his friends have come to an end and have found a new goal: looking for the other cities of gold. It was either that or end up at chomdu.

6. Gon from Hunter X Hunter found his father

If Gon decided to cowardly abandon his aunt, it was to go in search of his father, Jin, who… had cowardly abandoned Gon and his aunt. After a lot of adventures and a good fight against giant humanoid insects, his dearest wish has been granted. He may have come to realize that his father was an insufferably fat coward, but the anime is meant to continue for years to come as Jin taught his son that the world he knew was only a tiny part. of the real world. Now, all that’s left is for Yoshihiro Togashi to write us the sequel despite his big back problems (viiiite).


7. Naruto became Hokage

Naruto, at the beginning of the anime, is a not at all serious nullos who nevertheless has an excessive ambition: to become Hokage (the greatest of the ninjas in his village, roughly). I’ll spare you the details, but thanks to the disproportionate strength conferred on him by the nine-tailed fox, and still a little thanks to his efforts, Naruto ended up becoming the seventh Hokage of his village. BG the guy.

Naruto hokage

8. Kim Possible (really) saved the Earth

Kim Possible’s mission is to save the Earth, but the problem with this kind of cartoon is that there is usually no end. Except that there, at the end, precisely, Kim succeeds in saving the world from an alien invasion thanks, among other things, to the help of Shego. Who was a villain. We can therefore conclude that now everything is fine in the best of worlds and that Kim will remain quiet until the end of his days. I hope so for her anyway.

Kim possible shego

9. Marcelino found his mother…in heaven

Marcelino’s greatest wish was to find his mother. One fine day, he made this prayer in front of a statue of Jesus. His wish was granted: Marcelino died and found his mother in Paradise. All’s well That ends well. Yes, it’s extremely sad, and I wonder what went through the minds of the writers of this cartoon, but that’s how Marcelino’s story ends. What traumatize a lot of kids.


10. Pierre has finally succeeded in fishing in Pokemon

In 2019, after more than 20 years and more than 1000 episodes of Pokémon, Pierre, Sacha’s friend still in dog, finally found love. He succeeded in fishing Alyxia, the Dean who governs the island of Akala, she also specializes in Rock-type pokemon. The guy may have been beaten up by all the Joëlle nurses in the country, but he ended up happy, and that’s all we asked for.

Pierre pokemon

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