Top 10 Anime Characters Who Are Clearly Right-Wing

Sorry to come and break the mood with clichés on political edges, but the situation is serious. As a right-wing and left-wing science expert I’ve been called today to talk about cartoon characters that are clearly right-wing (if you want my credentials check out the marks of right-wingers and the marks of people on the left). Based on precise, reasoned and very sharp analyses, I will prove all this to you in a top that risks changing your life as the heroes of your childhood will show their true faces.

1. Mr Burns

Who’s more right wing than Mr Burns? No one, he inspired the greatest with a few well-marked character traits: billionaire, haughty, disrespectful, coward, stingy, mean, tyrannical… He collects all the stages of the right-wing good guy, just with his malevolent smile.

Top 10 anime characters who are clearly right wing

2. Mr. Krabs in “SpongeBob SquarePants”

A crab who wears shirts, earns a lot of money, lies on a mountain of dough, shamelessly exploits his employees and owns a junk food restaurant that is completely right. The mustache too, very straight the mustache.

Top 10 anime characters who are clearly right wing

3. Scrooge in “La bande à Scrou”

The guy is already called “Dicksucker”, even Fillon did not dare to take this blaze and yet he could. Then he has a pool of gold coins, is stingy like no other and is one of the richest fictional characters, not to mention the fact that he does not hide his acquaintances with a certain right-wing political party.

1643579278 800 top 10 anime characters who are clearly right wing

4. Cortex, from Minus and Cortex

A villain who uses one of his completely stupid congeners for the sole purpose of controlling, possessing and ruling the world is completely a right-wing delusion. We find this kind of behavior among somewhat megalomaniac traders and all traders are on the right, it is well known.

1643579279 391 top 10 anime characters who are clearly right wing

5. Bruce Wayne

A guy who only wears suits, lives in a mansion, does a lot of one-night stands and compensates for a lot of things by buying big cars, he’s totally a right-wing guy. In addition, we had shown you that Stéphane Bern was Batman, and Stéphane Bern is from the right. End of the demonstration.

1643579279 728 top 10 anime characters who are clearly right wing

6. Jerry, from “Tom and Jerry”

Everyone knows that mice are often right-wing, but Jerry goes one step further. Completely xenophobic, his goal is literally to kill Tom any way he can. Dangerous, psychopathic, rich, mean and decked out with a creepy smile that he never leaves, he makes me personally more uncomfortable than a plane trip with the actors of the series Lost, hence the reasons for preferring Tom to Jerry.

1643579280 778 top 10 anime characters who are clearly right wing

7. Tic, from Tic et Tac

If Tac is rather on the left with his red nose, his anti-globalization and altruistic side and his little flowered shirt, Tic is a good-looking right-wing guy as we see at LERM rallies. He only seeks to collect as many hazelnuts as possible to spend the winter and takes his somewhat naive brother in his race for profit. Two beautiful craps if you want my opinion.

8. Elmer the hunter in “Looney tunes”

Already assume that a guy with a gun is a guy on the right, the one on the left is the big victim who tries to put a flower at the end of the gun. Elmer the hunter is a character who freaks out a bit all the time, who is a bit stupid, who doesn’t really manage to hunt and concretely all these reasons push him towards a political edge which promises him great things and in which he find: the right.


How can we forget this little Mickey puff in this top: the guy is king, always keeps his head up, never has any trouble, lives in a castle, cheats so as not to pay the ISF, poses for a picture with everyone everyone in his huge park where you have to pay to get in and has a dog (a right-wingers pet if you doubted it, my aunt has one I know what I’m talking about). Mickey is to the right what demonstrations are to the left: a strong symbol.

1643579281 898 top 10 anime characters who are clearly right wing

10. Winnie the Pooh

Already when you’re not done for putting on a pants after putting on a T-shirt it hides something fishy. In his frantic race to get as much honey as possible and gobble it up on his own (an allegory of cocaine, of course, a right-wing drug), Winnie the Pooh drags his “friends” into his devastating spiral, whom he shamelessly uses to get what he wants. Tigger is a clear victim.

1643579282 731 top 10 anime characters who are clearly right wing

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