Top 10 animals that don’t care about global warming

We recently showed you that the rich don’t care about global warming, but don’t worry, they’re not the only ones. Many animal species behave deliberately harmful to nature. Not very nice of them…

1. Cats

The cat can be summed up in a few polluting activities: shitting in its litter, eating birds, bumping field mice, smashing butterflies. All with near total impunity. Are we really surprised? No. Luckily they are cute. And too cute when they purr there. And with their very soft fur that is too cuddly that we want to caress too much gneugneu.

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2. Oxen

Ah well well done. We’ve been here for two centuries always eating a little more of their meat, spreading the belly of their barbeuk-roasted ribs and you don’t see that in fact it would be an ultra-polluting animal because of its burps and his farts? Not only is he very rude, but I also have the feeling that we got scammed a bit in the story.

3. Rabbits

Try to sensitize a rabbit to overpopulation and you’ll call yourself Arthur. Rabbits, wherever they go, proliferate. So go talk to the Australians who very much regretted introducing this European species in the 18th century, which is currently one of the worst pests in the country.

4. Lizards

Lizards are a bit like the southerners of the animal world. The guys spend their lives basking in the pill in search of the slightest ray of sunshine. As much to tell you that global warming, they square the foundation and are rather the type to complain when we drop below 35 degrees in October.

5. Dogs

Ah that to eat croquettes full of bidoche there’s a lot of people, but as far as the protection of the planet is concerned, we are far from the mark it seems to me. Especially since the dogs known for their non-secret passion for digging holes to go and bury I don’t know what bullshit made in China DESTROY OUR SOIL. YES I USE CAPITAL LETTERS TO EXPRESS MY OUTRAGE.

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6. Polar bears

Star of climate change, polar bears are however few carriers of effective solutions to reduce their carbon footprint. Moreover, with their substantial weight and their habit of pissing everywhere, they strongly contribute to the melting of glaciers. Anyway, better watch movies like Don’t look up to awaken their spirits a little.

7. Mosquitoes

As with all social debates, mosquitoes don’t really take sides except to suck the blood of honest people who pay their taxes in France. Profiteers of the system to the extreme, mosquitoes rejoice in the rise in temperatures which allows them to extend their territory and pass on to us diseases that are not only fatal, but which also have ridiculous names like Dengue Fever.

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8. Orangutans

One could naively think that these brave hominoid mammals are actively fighting against the deforestation of palm trees which is jeopardizing the future of their species. Let me tell you that the reality is much darker… Far from the cameras and the tender gaze of concerned tourists, these beasts spend their time wanking their noodles while jumping from tree to tree. On the other hand when it is necessary to hold a speech a little more advanced than vulgar onomatopoeia in front of the CEO of Ferrero, there is no one left.

9. Cockroaches

It’s not so much that the cockroaches don’t care about all that, it’s above all that they will survive everything: nuclear wars, famines, 80°C heat wave, repeated listening to “Clic clic pan pan”. Cockroaches are simply one of the few animals that will survive global warming.

10. Camels

When you can do without drinking from the fleet for a month, I don’t think we really care how to make drinking water accessible to everyone. Camels would even be of the climatosceptic type if you ask me. If you don’t want my opinion, well, it’s not very nice to say it.

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