Top 10 actors who transformed for a series

When we talk about physical transformations for films, we often think of Christian Bale in The Machinist or Jared Leto in almost all of his movies. We forget that actors also make efforts for series, even if there is less chance of winning a prestigious prize. Often, it’s with impressive makeup and zero balls to the point of being unrecognizable.

1. Gillian Anderson en Margaret Thatcher dans The Crown

In season 4 of the series The Crown, Gillian Anderson must embody Margaret Thatcher and it must be said that the transformation is perfect.

2. Naomi Grossman en Pepper dans American Horror Story

It can’t be easy to play the role of a character with a disability like microcephaly, but when makeup artists work miracles, anything is possible. Naomi Grossman wonderfully well in American Horror Storyno one could have played Pepper better.

3. Henry Cavill and Geralt De Riv in The Witcher

To star in The Witcher, Henry Cavill had to make sure he was super muscular. Fortunately, he was used to these practices after playing Superman and was already in good physical shape.

4. Tahar Rahim as Charles Sobhraj in The Serpent

When you play in a series inspired by real events, you have to expect to have to make physical adjustments to look like people who really existed. To put himself in the shoes of Charles Sobhraj, serial killer of the 70s, Tahar Rahim followed a special diet and wore facial prostheses.

5. Samantha Morton en Alpha dans The Walking Dead

We are used to seeing actors metamorphosed in The Walking Dead where makeup is a must but Samantha Morton is truly unrecognizable. With her shaved head and bruises on her body to play the role of Alpha, she blends in perfectly with the decor.

6. Kae Alexander as Leaf in Game of Thrones

children of the forest Game of Thrones are difficult to recognize but Kae Alexander portrays her role particularly well.

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7. Simon Helberg en Howard dans The Big Bang Theory

When fans of The Big Bang Theory discovered that Simon Helberg wasn’t that ugly in person, they were all shocked. Between his cut, his dastardly clothes and his super weird way of moving, the actor managed to make Howard’s character really ugly.

8. Rainn Wilson en Dwight dans The Office

Dwight is the loser of the office while being a pro of valves that hurt. He has the perfect look of the employee who wants to fuck himself up and is overall depressing. Inevitably, when we saw that Rainn Wilson did not have the same face at all, it made us feel weird.

9. Donald Glover and Teddy Perkins dance Atlanta

Donald Glover is the creator of the Atlanta series but also plays one of the main characters, Earn. In one episode, he also plays Teddy Perkins, a very strange white man who welcomes Darius into his home. What’s crazy (and we don’t really know why) is that it’s Donald Glover who also plays this character.


10. Lily James en Pamela Anderson dans Pam & Tommy

In the series Pam & Tommy, Lily James plays Pamela Anderson in the 90s and the resemblance is striking. To achieve this result, the actress wears false teeth, a wig and lots of makeup.

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