Top 10 Actors Who Hate Each Other On Screen But Are Great Friends In Real Life

Saint Thomas, who only believes what he sees, would be very disappointed… Just because people (literally) shoot each other on TV doesn’t mean they are waging a merciless war in real life, actually. THE PROOF: some are even friends!

1. Tom Holland et Jake Gyllenhaal

Enemies in: Spider-Man, Far From Home. Tom Holland plays the main role (Peter Parker) and Jake Gyllenhaal embodies Mysterio, the super villain.

In real life : the two men became friends on set. Tom Holland would have notably helped Jake overcome certain anxieties. Even after the release of the film and the end of the press tour, they continued to publish photos all mims together.

Spiderman supervilain

2. Benedict Cumberbatch et Andrew Scott

Enemies in: Sherlock Holmes, the BBC series. Benedict Cumbermatch portrays the protagonist, and Adrew Scott plays Moriarty.

In real life : the two actors have become friends (well yeah, that’s kind of the topic of the top). The proof: Scott was invited to Cumberbatch’s wedding in 2015 (source). If that’s not a nice show of friendship.

3. Chris Hemsworth et Tom Hiddleston

Enemies in: the two famous brothers of the Marvel universe face off in Thor. On the one hand, the good guy: Thor played by Chris Hemsworth. On the other: Loki, played by Tom Hiddleston (one of the best villains in the saga).

In real life : it’s bromaaaance (sorry for that disgusting word, but it’s Hiddleston himself who uses it to describe their relationship). The love. Brotherly friendship. Besties forever who do not hesitate to recall how much they love each other publicly.


4. Lena Headey et Peter Dinklage

Enemies in: Game Of Thrones. Cersei Lannister and her brother, Tyrion hate each other more than anything. Really. If hate was a single relationship, she would choose this one.

In real life : the duo were friends even before meeting on this set! In fact, they had already shared the screen and started to bond in Pete Smalls Is Dead. According to rumors, it would even be Peter Dinklage who recommended Lena to the producers.


5. Vanessa Hudgens et Ashley Tisdale

Enemies in: High School Musical. Vanessa Hudgens plays the nice one: Gabriella Montez, while Ashley Tisdale is Sharpay Evans, the famous high school plague.

In real life : they’re such good friends that Vanessa was a bridesmaid at Ashley’s wedding!

Gabriella sharpay 1

6. Andrew Lincoln et David Morrissey

Enemies in: The Walking Dead. On one side, Morrissey as “Governor”, on the other: Lincoln plays Rick Grimes, the heroic protagonist.

In real life : they were friends before they even gave each other a line. In an interview with Uproxx, Morrissey explained that they met in acting school. Planks in the cinema, it’s beautiful.

7. Norman Reedus et Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Enemies in: The Walking Dead, always. They play Daryl and Negan, who despise each other like never before.

In real life : the actors quickly became friends on the set of the series. They also share a common passion: motorcycling. Go rider on the baby friendship highway.


8. Tom Felton et Emma Watson

Enemies in: Harry Potter of couuuuurse ! Draco Malfoy et Hermione Granger.

In real life : they are best friends forever! The duo regularly publishes photos on the networks, shares vacations, and does not hide the strong bond that unites them. Several rumors (denied) have even announced them as a couple! Emma Watson still admitted having had a little crush on the actor when they were children, hihihihi.

Draco hermione

9. Pierre Niney and Gilles Lellouche

Enemies in: Goliath. Gilles Lellouche is Patrick: a Parisian lawyer specializing in environmental law. Pierre Niney is Mathias: a lobbyist defending the interests of an agrochemical giant. Each confronts the other to defend its own interests.

In real life : it’s tough love. The two French actors fight each other on social networks… And it’s rather funny!

10. Geraldine Nakache and Leila Bekhti

Enemies in: I will go where you will go. So no, they don’t hate each other from the bottom of their souls, but they embody two enemy sisters.

In real life : they form one of the most iconic duos of friends in French cinema. Since the filming of “All That Shines” in 2010, the two women have been inseparable. Never one without the other, in life, as on screen!

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