Top 10 Actors Who Got A Little Too Much For A Role

It’s good to be motivated for your professional mission. If I were a manager of the start-up nation, I would even say “the motivation is the key”. However, some actors took this mantra at face value and got a little too excited about their roles. We talk about it below, making fun of them, these big buffoons of the most gifted actors of their generation.

1. Jared Leto in extreme pissing mode on the set of Morbius

We love it eh our Jared. He’s a great actor. When we tell him that his character Dr Michael Morbius limps, he limps. And as he is super invested he limps all the time, but really all the time. Even on his pee breaks. It is reported that each trip to the bathroom requires 45 minutes of break for the entire film crew. It’s nice Jared but you’re screwing the female dog a bit.

2. Jim Carrey became Andy Kaufman on the set of Man on the Moon

No wonder a documentary was devoted to this role of Andy Kaufman who will have marked Jim Carrey for life. From the start of the filming of Milos Forman’s film, the actor went into a spin, thinking he was communicating with the deceased comedian, telepathically. Right in his role he provoked (really) the wrestling player until he ended up in the hospital. In short, his performance is great, but he left some feathers there.

3. Marion Cotillard owned by Edith Piaf

Marion Cotillard really has a lot of hats: conspirator at the time of September 11, committed to the climate, she plays both in the films of the Dardenne brothers and for Chanel ads. In short, she is a complete woman. And when she plays a role, she gives her all. Apart from the fact that the filming was grueling and required 5 hours of makeup a day, the actress claims to have been under the singer’s yoke. She would thus have performed exorcisms and shamanic rituals. WOKAYYYYYYY MARIIIIIIOOOOON but otherwise drink a herbal tea.

4. Daniel Day-Lewis pissed everyone off on Lincoln a bit

We know that Daniel Day-Lewis is known to be a rather extreme actor. So when Spielberg gives him the role of Abraham, he gives his all. Kind of really deep. He only makes jokes about the Civil War. He sends text messages to Sally Field who plays his partner, but as if it were Lincoln who was writing (while in real life Lincoln never wrote text messages, so stupid). Nice Dany, but a bit heavy.

5. Joaquin Phoenix too much in Johnny Cash mode

It’s nice to play the country music star, but if everyone on set has to call you JR (for John R. Cash) it starts to get a bit boring. Well, not a drama, eh, but sometimes it would be nice to separate work from private life. For example, I don’t require anyone to call me Pierre Galouise during the 5:12 p.m. coffee break.

Walk de line arte joaquin phoenix mon but etait de devenir johnny cash pas seulement de lui ressembler

6. Juliette Binoche, who became homeless to play her role in Les Amants du Pont-Neuf

Shooting on Leos Carax films doesn’t always seem very easy. This one in particular is part of the long list of cursed films with a set of galleys: overpriced reconstitution, injuries, endangerment of the actors… Not to mention the fact that Juliette Binoche slipped into the skin of a homeless person (if only the homeless could do the same thing the other way around, it would be really nice for them), an experience that left him with a rather bitter memory.

For the film Ouistreham, Juliette Binoche immersed herself in the precarious daily life of housekeepers. A difficult experience that plunged the actress back into her memories of being homeless:

Posted by Women’s Journal on Friday, January 7, 2022

7. Heath Ledger avec le Joker dans The Dark Knight

Certainly one of the most successful performances in cinema, but during which the actor freaked out a little bit. First by going to HP for a month to prepare for his role (man, you could just watch a little quiet documentary), then by getting so into the role that he made his apartment a sanctuary dedicated to the Joker ( goodbye posters of horses and Barbie). That does not prevent us from regretting this genius actor who left too soon.


8. Isabelle Adjani in small hose failure in Possession

For those who have seen this film by Andrzej Zulawski, a scene will have particularly marked them in the subway when the actress begins to vomit. A performance like the rest of the film, the shooting of which was very trying for our good old Zaza who had to undergo a few years of therapy to get this possessed character out of her head.

9. Sydney Lassick, devastated by her role in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Well, another film by Milos Forman AS BY CHANCE. Well if you’ve seen this film, you can certainly understand why we can twist a little on the set (if you haven’t seen it yet, stop reading this top right away and go watch it, you make us all waste a lot of time there). While playing the role of Charlie Cheswick, the actor, like his character, developed the symptoms of the same mental illness: erratic behavior, bouts of emotional and physical violence… Ah, we sure don’t know that when you shoot in an MMA ad.

Sydney lassick

10. Jurassic Park’s animatronic got a little too caught up in the dino game

We all remember his extraordinary performance. We speak less often of his behavior on the set of the film, bordering on the dangerous… The animatronic indeed attacked several goats and a few people present on the set… Not to mention the repeated harassment of several actors: toxic behavior at the image of the theropod that will stick with him for many years.

Vf jurassic park 7587

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