Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1112 of Tuesday, February 1, 2022…

Tomorrow belongs to us what awaits you in episode 1112

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While Flore must face the consequences of her actions, Jack discovers the identity of Simon. At the same time, Audrey and Damien exchange a kiss.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Tuesday 1er February in Tomorrow belongs to us…


After being sprayed with a mysterious product, Alex was rushed to hospital. The next morning, the whole family is at his bedside when Marianne informs them that he has poisoned with dichlor, a gas which could have proved fatal if Judith had not reacted so quickly. Now out of trouble, Alex should be better in a few hours.

Meanwhile, Damien analyzed the package received by the Delcourts. Chlorine, which is used in the manufacture of chemicals and water treatment, is an extremely toxic gas that attacks the tissues of the mucous membranes and the lungs. For the police, it is therefore obvious that Alex was the victim of an assassination attempt. With Andréa now their main suspect, Commander Constant sends a team to search his home.

Later, Maxime arrives at the police station to find out if the police have arrested Andréa. Although he understands that the situation is difficult for him, Commander Constant clarifies that unfortunately they have nothing that connects the nanny to this case. Certain that his family is in serious danger, the Delcourt son is waiting for Andréa at the bottom of his house. Furious, Maxime presses him against a wall and threatens to attack him physically if he does not report himself within 24 hours. He then grabs his phone and smashes it to the ground.

Not far from there, Flore offers Bart to drop him off at the Spoon. While getting into his mother’s car, he falls on a spray paint. Up against the wall, Flore admits that she was the one who tagged the Delcourt house because she wanted everyone to know that Chloe wasn’t that perfect. She may admit having acted in a childish way, Bart blames himself for having defended her when she was lying from the start.

Without waiting, Flore goes to the station and declares that she is the source of the tag at the Delcourts. When the policeman questions her to find out if she has other things to blame herself for, Flore swears that she has nothing to do with the parcel bomb.

Warned by the police, Chloé tells the news to Anna and Marianne. For the latter, Flore was able to poison her granddaughter and try to kill her son-in-law.

At the end of the day, a journalist wrote an incriminating article against Flore with a department head as her only source of information. Convinced that it is Doctor Delcourt, Flore arrives in her office to obtain an explanation. Far from hiding it, Marianne urges him to resign.

At nightfall, Bart returns home and finds his mother unconscious in front of the front door.


In high school, François informs his students that the Eloquence competition of the Occitanie region will take place at Agnès Varda high school in two weeks. For this occasion, the high school students will represent the establishment by making a speech on an imposed subject. The winner will win a scholarship of one thousand euros for his secondary studies. Over the next two weeks, students will have to write and deliver pleadings in order to work on language proficiency as well as oral expression. Since only one student can represent Agnès Varda, François will first choose five candidates before choosing the best of them. The selection will begin on Thursday and the high school students will have to present in one minute a key measure for the high school of tomorrow.

While Jordan wants to try the contest to transmit new ideas, Jack wants to compete to clear his mind. He then tells Maud that he has a secret admirer and that he fell in love with him. However, this does not lead to anything because this one avoids it.

Later, Maud and Jack are working on an assignment in the student hall, but the teenager keeps looking at his phone. When Maud mentions Simon, the Roussel son is surprised since he has never mentioned his name in front of his friend. Suspicious, he takes advantage of the teenager’s discussion with their teacher to send a message to Simon. Hearing Maud’s phone vibrate at the same time, Jack decides to send a new message in which he writes “goodbye Simon”. The cellphone starting to vibrate a second time, Jack recovers it then falls on the messages which he has just sent to his secret admirer.

Deeply hurt, Jack confronts Maud who says he only did this to cheer him up after he came out. She does try to offer him a sincere apology but Jack, who is angry, retorts that he will never forgive her.


At the Spoon, Audrey has to deal with a client who flirts with her heavily. When he puts his hand on her buttocks, Damien is about to intervene but Audrey does not let it go. Furious, she threatens to slap him if he does it again. However, the client thinks it’s not every day that a woman like her gets hit on and advises her to take advantage of it instead. Audrey then goes into her game and pretends to want to give her number. After taking her phone, she plunges it into the water before ordering him to leave the premises immediately.

Impressed by her confidence, Damien strikes up a conversation. The current goes well between them but Damien has to go back to work. When he offers to see her again that evening, Audrey replies that she finishes her shift at 6 p.m.

Later, Audrey confides in Alma that she regrets having agreed to have a drink with Damien. Finding him handsome and sexy, the mother, who is convinced that he can have all the women he wants, wonders why he is interested in her. In vain Alma repeats to her that she is beautiful, Audrey finds it hard to believe her. Since she hasn’t found anyone to pick up Leo at the end of his chess lesson, Audrey considers canceling her appointment. For Alma, she should tell him the truth but Audrey thinks he risks taking to their heels when he learns that she has a large family. However, Audrey promises to see what she can do to manage.

At nightfall, Audrey and Damien stroll through the streets of the city. Visibly in love with each other, they share their first kiss. Unfortunately, she has to go get her son back and puts an end to this sweet moment pretending to have something important to do.

Back home, Audrey receives a message from Damien who wonders if she wouldn’t have planted him to go to a party. With a smile on her face, she replies that Cinderella has her secrets.

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