Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1100 of Thursday January 13, 2022…

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While Aurore takes risks to protect her sister, Timothée takes matters into his own hands. At the same time, Victor finds a new job.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Thursday January 13 in Tomorrow belongs to us…


Zoe is trapped inside the museum. With the perimeter now closed, Commander Constant wants to exfiltrate the visitors first before dealing with AL. To protect her sister, Aurore tries to convince her colleague to wait until daylight to start the intervention, but Sara thinks it’s dangerous to leave visitors knowing that the burglar is armed. Faced with these contradictory opinions, Martin wishes to take the time to reflect.

Seeing her nephew a few steps away, Aurore pretends to go away to telephone so she can talk to him. After reporting the situation to him, she summons him to leave. As he refuses to leave his mother, Aurore asks her the name of the canvas that Zoé intended to steal then promises to get her out of there.

The next morning, Cédric and Irene still haven’t heard from Angie and Jahia. While the CPE imagines the worst, Cédric tries to reassure her by being optimistic. When Jordan comes to hear from his girlfriend, Cédric explains that the police are about to intervene.

A few kilometers away, the intervention group is getting ready. For her part, Aurore manages to convince Commander Constant that her presence on the spot is necessary to carry out possible negotiations with the burglar. After putting on a bulletproof vest, she enters the museum and finds her sister in the reserve while her colleagues free the visitors.

In order to help her, Aurore tells her sister to take her hostage. Zoé then plays the game and runs. The police being unable to do anything, the two sisters manage to isolate themselves in another room. Zoé tries to get out but Aurore stops her by specifying that they won’t hesitate to shoot her. Desperate, Zoe is however ready to take the risk because she refuses to end up in prison. For her part, Aurore rules out losing her sister.

Shortly after, Martin and Karim hear a gunshot. Once they manage to break down the door, the police discover Zoé injured on the ground. Shaken, Aurore points to the door and makes them believe that the thief has fled.


Timothée has an appointment at the Spoon with the girl he has been chatting with for several days on a dating app. Although she is waiting for him seated at the next table, he doesn’t dare approach her. Encouraged by Gabriel, Victor’s son finally decides to join her but it is already too late since the young woman has left the place.

Timothée then confides in his father about his relationship problems with the girls. At 18, he would like to have a girlfriend then why not get married and have children later. Knowing someone who could help him, Victor sets him up on a date with Anna.

At the hospital, Timothée tells his problem to Anna. Even if she does not have the miracle recipe, the psychologist can on the other hand help her by accompanying her in her desire to find a girlfriend.

On her advice, Timothée agrees to meet Charlotte. Unfortunately, it’s off to a bad start because he tells her that she’s much less pretty than in her photo before bombarding her with questions. Believing that she did not come for a job interview, Charlotte puts an end to their meeting.

Annoyed, Timothée returns to the hospital and tells Anna of his failure. The latter, however, congratulates him for going to this meeting and not having stopped at the first obstacle. She also explains that it is by making mistakes that he will learn and then promises him that they will continue to move forward together.


After yesterday’s disaster, Victor has no intention of continuing to tutor Mona. It is beyond his strength. Indeed, the former businessman confides to Sophie that Georges’ mother is completely obsessed with him and that his attitude borders on harassment. While he wants to know if he can file a complaint, Sophie makes him understand that it would be appropriate for him to put Mona in his pocket for the time of the trial. After Victor leaves, Raphaëlle confirms to her colleague that her first impression was the right one and that he is very sexy.

On Sophie’s advice, Victor apologizes to Mona, but she pretends to be indifferent. He may be attentive, but she doesn’t speak to him. On returning home, Mona is on cloud nine, convinced that her strategy is working.

Not far from there, Victor meets Sophie and Raphaëlle who offer him the position of receptionist for the firm. If he accepts to improve his situation with the judge, he also seems to do so because he is not insensitive to Raphaëlle’s charm.

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