Tiktok beauty hacks you need to try now — theyre

TikTok Beauty Hacks You Need to Try Now — They’re Genius

Photography via TikTok

Discovering ways to make your hair routine easier or nail a new makeup trick? No further than Tikkok, the gold for beauty hacks.

If you have somehow managed to avoid downloading TicketLock within the last one year, consider giving it now. The popular social media platform created for bite-sized videos is a proper gold mine for hacks of all varieties, especially when it comes to beauty. We love an over-the-top makeup look, but always welcome ways to simplify our routines – if only to pass the time by learning something new. We’ve rounded up some of the best Tiktok beauty hacks – from heatless curls and bobby pin eyeliners to crease-free foundation tips and lip contouring – as demonstrated by some of our favorite Tiktok users below.

1. “Back” Your Makeup

Apparently, we have been mistaking our makeup this whole time. To avoid increasing or flowing makeup, TikTok user @ sylvi.uhh says that we need to change things a bit. Follow your moisturizer with a bit of powder with the spray and primer set up, and then use your regular foundation. Definitely a hot tip for weather proofing our makeup looks this spring and summer.

@ sylvi.uhhMy Foundation ever hange this smooth #foru #foryou #fyp #foryoupage #foundationhack #makeup #makeuphacks #beauty #beautyhaha #outfit change original sound – Jarida

2. Use Bobby Pins for Perfect Winged Eyeliner

Does your winged liner send you into a pail of anxiety? Bobby Pin may be your answer. TikTok user @annnarka demonstrates how he uses them by painting flared end with liner and using it as a template for the most perfect, crisp wing. This trick is excellent for people with hooded eyes who struggle to make their liner perfect, too.

@ annnakraЛюблю красивые стрелки ♬ ra ю ю ю ю ю ю k – kk

3. Set your naturally curly or wavy hair using a T-shirt

If you are setting the curl perfectly, but not so in heat loss, use TikTok user @ shakkarwaryer’s T-shirt trick. With your hair leaning forward and hanging down, “plop” your loops on a T-shirt and tie it.

@shakkarwarriorReply to @ s.shajii how do i cut my hair! A great way to dry them before setting your curls or waves is #wavhahair #curlyhair # ploppingtutorial t Electric Love – BØRNS

4. Get the Disney Princess Curl with Socks

We courage We now have plenty of time on our hands to manually curl our hair, but who wants to get away with a curling iron when there is an easier way? TikTok user @allisonnkayyy showed her followers how she curls her long, red hair beautifully using just socks. Grab four long stockings and fold them around your hair sections, securing them with a hair tie or two. Sleep on them overnight and brush them in the morning.

@allisonnkayyyAnd this is how I get my aerial curls. Oh and Happy Valentine’s Day! #sockcurls #littlemarten #fyp # foryоu #formyvalentine # aerial 🕊🥥🌊🌿 original sound – Mials

5. Apply soap to your eyebrows

This tip quickly gained popularity on Ticktock as we trade in exaggerated dark brows for bushy, more natural looking people. TikTok makeup artist @blaxvz performed a spooly run with a strip of moist soap and combed it with her eyebrows. This technique allows each strand of eyebrow hair to be pulled out, giving the eyebrows a fuller, more polished look without being overdone.

@blaxvzSoap Brows b #soapbrows #browsonfleek #browstutorial #eyebrowtutorial #anastasiabeverlyhills #abhbrows #fyp #makeup ♬ Harry Styles – Angelina

6. Give lipstick look with pink no-lipstick

A lip tint will usually work well for this look, but if you don’t have one hand, all you need is your favorite red liquid lipstick. @Glamzillaxo, one of TikTok’s resident makeup and skincare gurus, showed his followers how to apply a dab of color between their lips – up and down – and rub it into your lips with your finger or fluffy brush. And there you have it: “naturally” pink lips.

@glamzillaxoBEAUTY Hack: Pink Lips! #fyp #foryoupage #makeupchallenge #makeup #beautyhack #makeuphack #easymakeuphack # glamzilla sound Original Sound – GLAMZILLA

7. Get the illusion of fuller lips by leveling your mouth

As aggressively discouraged cheeks are feeling increasingly tired, we are now looking at leveling our mouths. @Amlmakeup of TikTok showed his fans that, and all you need is a brown lip pencil in a shade that works with your skin tone. Line the edges of your top lips and under your bottom lip, and smuggle it with your finger for a quick raised lip.

@amlmakeupeasy lip contour #makeuphack #makeuptutorial #beforeandafter # liplift and you and me – washed out

8. Clean your sponges and brushes with household products

It is easy to forget to clean your makeup sponge and brush regularly, but this simple combination of dish soap and olive oil can make it much less troublesome. TikTok user @kammymakora demonstrated how she cleans her beauty sponge as new by soaking it in the mix and squeezing it under a running tap.

@kammymakoraAnd it’s so cheap!

9. Revive the dry-out lipgloss with this easy trick

Items like lip gloss and mascara can dry well before they expire, especially if you are pumping them too much. TikTok user @themichellephan fills a mug with water and microwaves it for a minute. After that, she puts her dried lipgloss in water. After 30 minutes, they are ready to be used again.

@themichellephanMy favorite lipgloss hack #makeup #beautyhacks OG audience, you already know bed (death bed (coffee for your head) – Powfu and beabadoobee

10. Transfer light-coverage foundations to full coverage with one simple step

If you don’t have a full-coverage foundation, but one day need it yourself, just add loose setting powder to it. This will cause the powder to thicken, giving your skin a heavier coat than normal, as Tiktok @ Saldasan demonstrates.

@seldaasanSome can’t have it all .. so DIY so b #beautyhacks #diy #foryourpage #howto #tutorial #foryoupage #fyp #tiktoktraditions #yyeaseas ♬ God is a Dancer – Tiesto and Mabel

11. Turn Your Eyeshadow into Lip Gloss

Transform your favorite eyeshadow color into a poppin ‘lip gloss with this simple trick performed by @mireyarios of TikTok. Swatch the shadow color on the back of your hand and rub your lip balm into it. Then, just apply it on your lips.

@mireyariosTag friend

12. Control facial oil with an eye product

There is an out-of-control oily T-zone, and your regular oil-control primer just isn’t cutting it? TikTok makeup artist @jayiziahbeauty uses regular moisturizer and eyeshadow primer on the lowest parts of her face after SPF.

@ jayiziahbeauty # beautyhacks control oily area

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