Thomas J. Brock


Thomas J. Brock has more than 20 years of experience in investments, corporate finance, personal finance, accounting, and insurance. He currently oversees the investment operation for a $4 billion super-regional insurance carrier, including $650 million in life insurance assets. Thomas maintains a dynamic investment policy designed to preserve capital, enhance profitability, and support growth. Under the purview of the investment committee, he facilitates a continual assessment of risk and effects alignment between investment and operational objectives. This entails managing relationships with external advisors and money managers, formulating strategic and tactical asset allocation recommendations, and ensuring compliance with investment laws/regulations.

Thomas also serves the corporate finance function in a versatile capacity, providing financial management expertise and analytic support to the broader organization. His varied contributions include credit analyses, the development of multiyear financial forecasts, and the evaluation of capital budgeting proposals and investment opportunities. Thomas also sits on the organization’s enterprise risk management and incentive compensation committees, lending his unique perspective to the strategic decision-making process.

In addition to his work in corporate settings, Thomas has provided insurance, investing, and personal finance expertise to individuals. As a financial planner and investment manager, he helped individuals holistically plan for retirement and formulate sensible investment policies, inclusive of in-depth education on pertinent asset classes and investment strategies. Additionally, he has developed educational content about life insurance and annuity products.

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