This $32 tie-dye lounge set has 2,942 five-star amazon reviews

This $32 Tie-Dye Lounge Set Has 2,942 Five-Star Amazon Reviews

Here’s what the reviewers are saying:

“Oh my goodness !! This pajama set is the best thing I’ve bought on Amazon. They are the most comfortable PJs I’ve ever had. They’re very soft on the outside, it’s like a cross between suede and wool, If it is too. ” One thing. It is like silk inside. I was already worried that the cloth would not breathe and I would get hot, but that was not the case at all! They really keep you calm! Honestly, they are very fantastic. Relax, I will wear them all day if I can. Care instructions only ask for hand washing, but I washed them on a delicate one and it was fine. And the price point is fantastic. Buy them In every color. You won’t be sorry “

“I bought my second set like pajamas, I already have a pant set and wanted a shorts set, which I like these pajamas very much! For tie dye I went with my normal size XL and Both top and bottom! They should. Shorts are not too short and not too long, they are just where I like them. The sleeves of the top are a good length (I always think the sleeves are a little too short, and ) It falls right on my waist. The material is heavy, but the light material is also. If it makes sense, it keeps you warm when your AC is being destroyed, but it doesn’t warm you. It’s cold. Would also be nice to wear when done. The house is nice and tasty, and laced under a blanket … so comfortable! I’ll buy other colors in these sets. “

“This !!!!! This complete pajama set is absolutely amazing, I’m not going to lie when I say this is the softest thing I’ve ever bought. I bought a medium because I like things, I’m about 5. ‘6 am. ” I weigh 132 pounds. You will not regret buying it. “

“Omg you really need to hang around in a cold AC room. It’s an incredibly soft buttered material like towels. And I hope the slippery material doesn’t get too much hair stick on it. Accident when you get home. But is there a golden gold? Must buy during quarantine. I want to say it is perfect for size. I usually wear a smaller one, but want it to fit a bit, so I ended up ordering medium. done. “

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