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These are the Fire Emblem: Three Houses Characters You Should Swipe Right On

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Everyone loves the chain of strategic strategy components and mixes in a few the personality– Same element. Entering yet another fictional world in the midst of conflict, players take on the role of teacher in charge of a group of students selected between three new homes. Your relationships with the characters are revealed in these games and sometimes Fire Emblem: Three Houses, It takes the starring role.

Every student of Garbage Mach Math has its own distinct personality and style. You can build relationships with them by having tea time, buying gifts, sharing food, and more for their likes and dislikes. During the game, you may find yourself unsure of which character you want to settle with. Together we decided to make a list of the best romance options Fire Emblem: Three Houses To help make your final decision a little easier.

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Blue lion

The brain of the monastery. It is an indispensable group in every social circle, always going the extra mile to prove that they are the best there. Some members are more interested in building friendships than those who consume more in building their strengths. Their motherland is famous for their knights, so they have a strong sense of nobility and authority, as well as a strong proficiency for lions.

Fire emblem: three houses mercedes


There is no offense to Ingrid and Annette, but if there was any kind of child competition in the monastery, Mercedes’ luscious man would have won. Her sense of style and caring survives in both friendship and the battlefield. With a soft voice and big blue eyes, it’s hard not to lose track of time when it’s tea time with her.

With an adoration for sweets, ghost stories, paintings, and fragrant flowers, Mercedes is the kind of gal you want to take on a picnic somewhere to talk about life and how cute kittens are. Unlike her housewives, she hates spicy food and exercise, but I think only her gentle girl expresses beauty.

Fire emblem: three houses felix


Hair options Fire Emblem: Three Houses There are places all over, but I can’t blame them. This is a JRPG, after all. Felix somehow gives the younger ponytail a cool look. Perhaps it is her piercing eyes and fierce looks that contribute to the cool factor, and I’m really digging her soggy clothes. If you prepare him a dish that includes spicy food and meat, there is a small chance that you will see a slight crack at him smiling.

Every time you cross paths and decide to talk to him, ask him that his day will often be in the form of a quarrelsome offer. Perhaps it is his idea to kill people. Time will tell what else this mysterious and beautiful swordsman told his romantic voice.

Fire emblem: three houses dimitri


I do not trust Dimitri. But I knew that his absence from this list would trouble me. I can’t deny it – she has perfect features and nothing but bright blonde hair. There is no doubt that he is using all the armor to conceal the gains he can get from training. I do not blame him. He is a leader and is trying his best to distract everyone from the fact that he is a dreamboat.

Everyone thinks of Dimitri as training, coping and laborious work. He loves toil as much as he hates selfish people. With all these great personality traits, I cannot feel that he is going to cheat me at some point. But that may be worth breaking.

Golden deer

Ah, what a nutritious bunch. Most of the Golden Fear students come from a common background and are known to be great with a bow in the battlefield. I often wonder how such a group of students stands out amidst all the constant drama of Blue Lions and Black Cord Doubles. Don’t get me wrong though. As good and kind as they look, these students will not hesitate to land an enemy, even if they are right after apologizing.

Fire emblem: three houses rafael


Sharing daily meals in the dining hall with students is a great way to increase your bond Fire Emblem: Three Houses, And I would never say no to the invitation from Rafael. Her shirt looks like she can open at any time, and whenever I see her in the corridors of the school, it goes to my heart. He is a great mass of muscle who is always passionately talking about food and strength training. With that messy coiff and soft pale eyes, who wouldn’t want to take a moment to listen?

It is difficult to buy another cart of meat and vegetables for dinner as we go to the market, dreams of carrying our twins on each of his shoulders. But as long as he doesn’t let me see him doing his routine in the front yard of our cabin in our woods, I won’t mind cooking.

Fire emblem: cloud of three houses


Cloud is in the phrase “Listen ten, one is speaking ten” Fire Emblem: Three Houses. He is a smart, good-looking leader, and the easiest of them all. Despite his wintry performance, your main character will notice that there is much more to Cloud than meets the eye. I am really excited to know this. And it is advisable to do this only on a cup of tea.

Claude enjoys the feast, as he loves participating in them, and it is a hobby that I know I can aid in illness and health. If you do not want to disturb this unusually heartbeat, avoid talking about religion while sharing a meal with him.

Fire emblem: three houses leoni


Leonie makes me regret the decision of my home every day. His demeanor is always pleasing and ready for battle. Her pageboy haircut and love of the color orange make her impossible to miss. Luckily, I found out that it is possible to recruit students from other homes, so the bad guys will have to wait a few weeks more.

The likes of Leonie are huge. He is into military arts, competitions, hunting, fishing and gardening. Her lofty interests create a gift-giving air, but her relationship with the main character’s father can create feelings of jealousy. Leonie says that she is only interested in her skills and history, but her strong appreciation can lead to awkward moments during the family dinner.

Black eagles

Many people had a difficult time choosing a home, but this was not a problem for me. The decision was already made as soon as I saw the Black Eagles. With Gathil partner, a boy who only thinks about taking a nap, and a girl who refuses to leave his room, there was no doubt that I would find a house that would be more entertaining than that. He is the personality of our teenage years, and I respect him for that. Expert with ax and black magic, this house goes all the way when it embraces their fangs and eccentric personality.

Fire emblem: three houses hubert


Hubert resembles a lead singer from a dark metal band. Having black hair disguises his one eye, he also looks like he is a vampire. in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, You will know him as a hardcore character who sometimes says only a few words. But give him some time. You will soon hear Sisters of Mercy and simultaneously research the battlefield strategy. He likes to drink irony and coffee, but isn’t that good? One of the prerequisites for romancing Hubert is that he is committed to protecting Edelgaard, so if you dislike him, you should seek love elsewhere.

Emblem of fire: three houses dorothy


Ah, Dorothia. I’ll never forget when you called me cute and invited me on a tour through the monastery. I will also never forget how I as a leader of the house cannot discharge my responsibilities and accept my invitation immediately. Dorothia seems to be the only student who completely assimilates the fact that Gareg Mach is a military school with a slight twist. Some may call it camp, but I call it fashion. She is an artist, so if you enjoy singing and acting, you will have a wonderful time recapturing scenes from your favorite indie films. If you are arrogant elite, however, you might be better off with someone from Blue Lions.


There are not only romance options in the students’ monastery and a special instructor makes sure you know it!

Fire emblem: three houses manuela


If you want to get straight into business – the business of falling in love, that is – you should swipe right on Manela. The first time you meet her, she reveals that she is “available”. As soon as you enter her office, she asks you to close the door behind you. Simply put, Manuela is a woman who knows what she needs, and wastes no time for it! She shares many interests with Dorothia, as she loves to dance and sing, but is also at the drinking table one night out.

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