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This is the disease suffered by Anna, played by Kristen Bell, in The Woman Who Lived Opposite the Girl in the Window. But does it really exist?

Warning, spoilers! If you haven’t seen The Woman Who Lived Opposite the Girl in the Window, don’t read this.

If you’ve started watching The Woman Who Lived Across The Window currently on Netflix, it won’t have escaped your notice that it’s a clever parody of those already worn-out thrillers with an evil heroine. in point, in the grip of alcoholism and who will have to deploy incredible resources to solve a murder. Just that.

Here, the story centers on Anna (Kristen Bell), an accomplished artist in the past, who sinks into a downward spiral after the violent death of her daughter, Elizabeth. Now she drinks wine, takes pills, spends her days looking out the window at the seemingly happy lives of her neighbors.

What is ombrophobia?

But Anna has a condition called ombrophobia or fear of rain. Is this disease real or invented? Ombrophobia does exist. It comes from the Greek “ombros” which means “downpour” and “phobos” which means “fear”. The term “ombrophobia” has been adopted into the lexicon of psychology. We also talk about pluviophobia.

Like any other phobia, the patient’s response to ombrophobia can vary. For some, the mere mention of rain can trigger an episode, which can potentially include a severe panic attack. Others will have to be out in the rain to respond. For a rare ombrophobic, the disease is the result of fear of acid rain. An ombrophobe can also have aquaphobia (fear of water) or fear of drowning or flooding.

A person living with this disease tends to be afraid to venture outside. The progression of the disease often depends on the geographic location of the patients. If they live in a place where rain is frequent, their ombrophobia can progress quite quickly.

The patient will regularly check the weather reports and the sky to make sure there will be no rain when they go out. The causes of ombrophobia would not be definitive. It can be a lot of things – from genetics to trauma to the environment. Accordingly, the treatment also varies. Yoga, exposure therapy, dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) are some of the ways to treat ombrophobia.

The woman who lived opposite on netflix is ombrophobia the

Does Anna overcome her ombrophobia?

Yes, she eventually overcomes it. She developed the disease because her daughter was killed one day when it rained heavily. In a climactic scene at the end of the season, she drags herself through the rain, believing that Buell (Cameron Britton), whom she has learned is a reformed killer, is going to his neighbors’ homes to kill them. The truth turns out to be something completely different. She discovers that the real killer is Emma (Samsara Yett), the daughter of her neighbor Neil.

After Anna kills the young psychopathic murderer, her life seems to return to normal. She starts painting again. Anna learns that her ex-husband, Douglas, bought one of her paintings at her opening. Also, Douglas strongly implies that he wants to get back together with her. While they are talking, it starts to rain. Anna realizes that she is no longer afraid of the rain and begins to spin with joy.

But nothing in this sequence indicates that the disorders linked to ombrophobia can be resolved so “simply”. For once, here, it is only pure fiction.

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