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The Things People Get Wrong About Stick and Poke Tattoos Tips Clear

Age-old techniques like hand tattooing, also known as stick and poke tattooing, are becoming more well-known and respected in the tattoo industry. In this article, we answer some of your questions about this style, break down some of the myths and misperceptions, and even talk about some of our favorite tattoo artists who are creating work we’re sure you’ll love. .

What is a stick and poke tattoo?

A stick and poke tattoo is created by using a needle, or a group of needles, to put ink into the skin. There is no electric machine involved, so the tattoo artist does it by hand using only a needle or a tool that holds the needle.

How do hand tattoos work?

A hand tattoo works like a regular tattoo. The ink is deposited in the second layer of skin called the dermis. The only difference is that it is a non-electric technique used by tattoo artists.

What is the difference between machine and stick and poke tattoos?

The difference between machine and stick and poke tattoos is the lack of electricity. This is the main difference. There may also be a difference in the process, such as a tattoo stencil before the ink is deposited into the skin, but this could also apply to machine-made tattoos.

Are stick and poke tattoos cheaper than mechanical tattoos?

Stick and poke tattoos are not cheaper than machine tattoos. They are, if you go to a reputable artist, about the same price. It takes just as much effort, if not more, to create a work of art on your skin by hand. If your stick and poke tattoo is super cheap, then you have to assume that person is trying to build a portfolio or is inexperienced. This is why it is very important to research this particular style and find an artist you can trust.

How long does it take to make hand tattoos?

Hand tattoos can take as long as a regular tattoo. It totally depends on the working process of the artists. Zzizzi in Seoul can create a hand tattoo incredibly quickly. But other artists may be slower. It’s exactly the same for tattoo artists who use machines. Joel Soos is well known for sketching out a full track in an hour or two, but that’s certainly not the case for most artists. It also depends on the size, location and complexity of your room.

Do sticks and blows hurt?

Yes, stick and poke tattoos hurt. Almost any body modification will hurt. But how much will it hurt? Unfortunately, there are many different things that could affect pain: your personal physiology and pain tolerance, the technique of the tattoo artist, etc. But many people have said that the pain and the healing process is much easier. with a hand tattoo. Again, it’s a matter of opinion. Some people think that lining a tattoo hurts a lot more than shading a tattoo, but others think the exact opposite.

How long do stick and poke tattoos take to heal?

Most stick and poke tattoos take about two weeks to heal, like any other tattoo. The process of making a hand tattoo still involves dropping ink into the dermis layer of your skin, just like a machine-made tattoo. The healing process is therefore very similar. That being said, many people believe that hand tattoos heal much faster and this may be because they cause less trauma to the skin than a machine tattoo.

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How long do sticks and pokes last?

Stick and stitch tattoos should last a lifetime. If your piece is done by a reputable tattoo artist, it certainly will be. The only time a hand tattoo “falls out” or doesn’t heal properly is because the person doing your tattoo is inexperienced and shouldn’t handle tattoo materials.

Are hand tattoos dangerous?

No, hand tattoos are not dangerous if done by a reputable tattoo artist. If you are interested in this technique for your next tattoo, our best advice is to find a tattoo artist who is well known for their talent and abilities and who creates their work in a safe and sanitized environment.

Are batting and beating illegal?

Sticking and hitting are not illegal if done by a licensed performer. Many states and countries have different laws that control the cleanliness of the work performed. If you choose a reputable tattoo artist or studio, you can bet they follow the laws in order to stay in business. The only time a hand tattoo would be illegal is if it’s done in a country, like Korea or Japan, where any tattoo is illegal if done by someone who doesn’t have medical license, which is a shame because so much of the great art comes from these particular countries.

Punch Myths

The most common myth about hand tattooing is that it’s disrespected, it’s trash, and it’s only done by scrappers who work in their kitchens. But here’s the thing: hand tattoos, also known as stick and poke tattoos, are the oldest tattoo tradition. Not giving them due respect is, honestly, just a little biased and slightly ignorant of the long history, tradition, and resounding cultural significance of hand tattooing. To put things into perspective, the first tattoo machine was invented and patented by Samual O’Reilly in 1891. That was only 129 years ago. But mankind has been around for about 200,000 years. So what do you think people were doing before? Maybe some super-smart people who were never recognized created something like an electric machine, but…most of them were using the age-old technique of hand tattooing. It’s something to celebrate, because without it, this industry and this community that we love would never have existed.

For example, many tattoo artists who create Thai Sak Yant, Polynesian, or Irezumi tattoos still use the tools their ancestors used before them. Thai Sak Yant tattoos, Polynesian tattoos and Japanese Tebori tattoos are made with a long pole that contains needles. These practices have never really been questioned, and many people may not consider them “stick and poke tattoos”, but the technique is almost exactly the same: using non-power tools to create tattoos is a powerful way to create a work of art. that connects with your culture or your past ancestors.

Respected Hand Poke or Stick and Poke Tattoo Artists

As we mentioned above in our hand tattoo questions and answers section, the smartest thing you can do when looking for a stick and poke tattoo artist is to do your research and find an artist who really knows what he is doing and excels in the art. form.

We list some of our favorites below that really do an amazing and unique job. Many of these artists chose this technique because it is more intimate, special and pays homage to all ancient people before us who created tattoos using this particular art form.

Many artists have their own reason for becoming a hand tattoo artist. Whether it’s because they love the authentic primitive roots of the technique, or because they simply adore connecting with their clients on a more intimate level with this transformative style of tattooing, tattoo artists who choose this craft are certainly able to say why stick and push resonates with them. .

Some of the tattoo artists we interviewed, like Blame Max or Sabrina Drescher, are incredibly talented and have their own style and philosophy.

Gossamer, aka greylsian, is also someone who is deeply dedicated to his work and who makes customer experience a priority. Their creations are incredibly special.

Zzzizzi, based in Seoul, Korea, creates super colorful and fun designs that customers around the world love to collect, as well as Hey Hey Diary and Tan Tattoo who are also based in this city.

Keep in mind that although artists working in Seoul must create their work in secret, some of the most breathtaking work in the tattoo community today comes from this region.

Tati Compton and Jenna Bouma, also known as Slowerblack, are perhaps the most established and well-known hand tattoo artists working in the industry.

These tattoo artists are not only known for their dedication to the hand poke technique, but they also have very distinctive styles that set them apart from many other artists working today.

Tati Compton often illustrates magical scenes with goddess portraits of empowered women. She is also known for creating cute little galaxies and cute jungle cats.

Slowerblack mixes traditional tattoo and Japanese style in beautiful black and gray tones. She also often infuses folk motifs into her tattoos.

How to Get Your Own Hand Poke Tattoo or Stick and Poke Tattoo

Again, we can’t say it enough: every time you get a new tattoo, you should strive to find an artist who knows what they’re doing.

We want you to get a tattoo and have a good experience, so the best thing you can do is find tattoo artists who can give it to you. There are so many great artists out there, and many of them are included in this article.

We hope this will inspire you and let you know that while the helping hand may be questioned by some people in the industry, it is a flourishing technique that certainly deserves your respect and attention.

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